• Converting charset in squish bases

    From AKAcastor@21:1/162 to All on Thu Feb 29 17:52:44 2024
    Hi everyone, I am looking for information about tools that use the CHRS kludge to convert messages from other character sets into the desired character set. Or in general, what are people doing to make different character sets play nice with BBSes and DOS in particular.

    I am using the DOS version of Squish and Maximus BBS software, so generally speaking CP437 is my native character set.

    Is anyone using tools to convert UTF-8 to CP437 when importing messages into Squish message bases? Are there other solutions besides using a message reader that supports UTF-8?


    --- Maximus 3.01
    * Origin: Another Millennium - Canada - another.tel (21:1/162)