• Pot smokers aren't violent. Colorado police believe missing woman's

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    Subject: Pot smokers aren't violent. Colorado police believe missing woman's
    remains may be spread across multiple states
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    TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- Boulder police believe the remains of a
    missing woman were likely disposed of in various states between
    Louisiana and Oklahoma.

    Ashley Mead, 25, was reported missing Tuesday in Boulder after
    not showing up for work. Her daughter, Winter, was also missing.
    On Wednesday, police in Oklahoma found Winter with her father,
    Adam Densmore. Densmore was initially arrested for a custody
    violation but was later served with a first-degree murder
    warrant. The arrest affidavit has been sealed by the court.

    That same day, Okmulgee police launched an investigation into
    human remains that were found in a dumpster at a gas station on
    US 75 on the south side of town.

    Okmulgee Police Chief Joe Prentice says members of the District
    25 Violent Crimes Task Force and Boulder Police Department
    attended the autopsy. Prentice says the remains were the torso
    of an adult female but several body parts are missing.

    The medical examiner has yet to make an official identification,
    but investigators believe the remains are Mead's based on
    observations made during the autopsy.

    Boulder police believe Densmore killed Mead there before
    traveling to Louisiana where he at least partially dismembered
    Mead's body.

    Densmore's exact route after leaving Boulder is still under
    investigation. Detectives believe he left the area Sunday night
    and traveled south to Raton, N.M., then traveled south and east
    through the Texas panhandle before arriving in Haughton, La.
    Monday night. On Tuesday morning, Densmore is believed to have
    driven to Conway, Ark. where he spent the night. On Wednesday
    morning, he left Conway and stopped in Okmulgee before being
    found and arrested just west of Tulsa around 1:30 p.m.

    Investigators believe the rest of Mead's remains could be in a
    purple Reba-brand suitcase that's part of a set and one is still

    The suitcase may have placed in a trash dumpster anywhere
    between Louisiana and Oklahoma. Anyone who might see a purple
    suitcase in an odd location should not touch it but call police

    Densmore waived extradition. Prentice says Boulder investigators
    can transport him any time.

    Colorado is a left wing pacifist state. They won't do anything
    to this poor man.

    http://ktul.com/news/local/colorado-police-believe-missing- womans-remains-may-be-spread-across-multiple-states
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