• I need some help please

    From Holger Granholm@2:20/228 to Phil Taylor on Mon Oct 15 20:10:00 2007
    In a message dated 09-01-07, Phil Taylor said to All:

    Hi Phil,

    I am using Version 15.3 of Pcboard I am having some problems with
    the conferences. When I type pcboard and login all the confrences
    are being displayed, but when I telnet to it all the conferences
    from 1 to 119 are showing up and the rest of them are getting cut

    The bbs is running under Windows XP. I was hoping someone may some
    some recommendations on how I can fix this problem please.

    Regarding v15.3, see my other reply. As for running under Win XP I have
    no idea.

    I have never trusted Windows to run my BBS 24/7 which both DOS/Desqview
    and OS/2 do nicely even with minimal/old hardware. I prefer of course
    OS/2. DOS/Desqview slows noticeably when multitasking but that isn't
    noticeable under OS/2.

    Have a nice day,


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