• BlueWave 4.01 for PcBoard problems

    From Dane Beko@1:114/201 to All on Tue Nov 6 20:46:00 2007
    I'm hoping that someone can help me here. I'm running PcBoard 15.23
    with BlueWave v4.01 maildoor.

    The problem is that BlueWave insists on adding an Origin: line to every
    message that gets uploaded through it. I carry three networks (all
    using FTSC but only one is FidoNet). So by the BlueWave door adding the
    same origin (1:114/201) to every message is not good. By trial and
    error, I discovered that the BlueWave door is reading the ORIGINS.DAT
    file that PcBoard maintains. So I edited that file and added the
    correct Origin: lines for the conference numbers (2-180 for one network, 181-250 for the second and so on).

    But... BlueWave still appends 1:114/201 to each of those Origin: lines
    so it's still hosed. I wiped the BWMAIL.PRM file (configuration) and
    started over and left the 1:114/201 out of the BlueWave door's
    configuration (BlueWave left "0:0/0" as the node number). Now BlueWave
    appends that node number (0:0/0) to every Origin: line. <sigh>

    To get around this, I changed the conference setting from 5 (FidoNet) to
    4 (Usenet) which has stopped BlueWave from adding anything to the
    uploaded messages. But.. Now that each conference is flagged as
    "Usenet", the To: field is no longer valid.

    Has anyone ran into this problem? If so, is there a fix? I'd like to
    continue offering the BlueWave door as a QWK alternative but not lik


    --- QScan/PCB v1.20a / 02-1000
    * Origin: The BABBLE BBS * Tucson * babblebbs.no-ip.org * (1:114/201)