• I tried this

    From Phil Taylor@1:109/202 to All on Thu Dec 13 21:32:00 2007

    I tried this but this did not really make that much difference in the
    cpu usage maxing out

    How to enable Tame for 16 bit Windows apps
    Many Windows applications were designed for multi-tasking and do not
    require Tame. Tame is normally disabled for 16 bit Windows
    applications, but it may be enabled to help with troublesome windows applications if necessary. Note that Tame can reduce CPU used by
    Windows applications , but the results are not as dramatic as with DOS applications. In some cases, the responsiveness of the application may
    be reduced, or the application may not operate correctly.

    To enable the use of Tame for Windows applications, copy the Settings\Default.tam file to a file named KRNL386.EXE.TAM in that same
    folder. This will override the default settings for the KRNL386.EXE
    program which is used to run Windows applications. .

    Note that the new settings may not take effect until all users log off
    or the system is re-booted because KRNL386.exe process remains in

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