• Irc and Syncterm

    From Mike G@1:154/10 to All on Thu Jan 23 11:24:46 2014
    Some good news: i've sent the last week or so working on some Perl IRC scripts that NEtsurge origianlly rewrote from Sirc to work with Enthral bbs. There wen't many doc's so i've been dicenting it and rewrote the addon SSFE which is a Split Screen Front End so the chat module will have a status bar, and scroll all channel text above the status bar BitchX / ircii style.

    During my testing i noticed that everything worked great in linux Console, Konsole, Xterm, and Mtelnet in Windows, however SyncTerm was having some major issue with not scrolling and just overwritting the text to be unreadable. Well i just worked with Deuce and he's now fixed and release a new SyncTerm that properly handles the Scrolling Regions now, which is a plus for anyone BBS systems kicking off script's or programs that scroll the screen.
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