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    From Daryl Stout@1:19/33 to ALLEN PRUNTY on Thu Jun 2 11:46:00 2016

    My disability is hidden it's called Myasthenia Gravis and it's a true AP>fatiguing disability. I don't use a walker or a wheelchair but AP>definately scope a shopping cart to take in. Occsionally I have to use AP>the riding chair. I know my day is coming though and seeing my friend
    go through what she has to go through. It's bad enough that she has her AP>disability but people have little regard for her ramp.

    Those who are NOT disabled, think those of us who are on disability
    "have it easy" (getting paid for no work). I know several disabled
    individuals who have regular jobs...but the majority are in such pain
    from their conditions, that they can't work...and that is a much higher
    price to pay.

    Going anywhere is still a challenge to her when her van would equalize AP>her experience if people would respect it.

    Even though I'm fully disabled, and have both a handicapped hang-tag
    and license plate, if I note a space noted for "van accessible", I will
    try to leave that one for these vans...unless I myself am in moderate to
    severe pain myself that day, and it's agony to just move. One day, I had
    great difficulty just getting my left foot in the car, due to severe
    arthritis causing bone spurs on my hips. I know I'll eventually have to
    undergo surgery, but I'm putting that off as long as I can.

    There's a movement out there when people are a--holes like this that
    they put a sign on the window of the car saying "I have no respect for AP>the disabled." Or worse, "I have a disabiled sticker/tag and I don't AP>play by the rules" in smaller print it trys to educate about ramps and AP>etc.

    That reminds me of a commercial and a joke. On the commercial, this
    guy is going to park in a disabled spot at the restaurant, because he
    just needs to go use the restroom. No handicapped hang tag, license
    plate, etc. The woman in the car warns him that he'll get a ticket if he
    parks there without a permit, and he tells her off, and goes inside.
    Well, he's inside longer than expected, and sure enough, a police
    officer shows up, and immediately writes a ticket. The guy is furious
    when he comes out, and the woman says "I tried to warn you".

    On the joke, this guy in a wheelchair notes the cop ticketing this
    van parked in the disabled space. He says to the officer "C'mon, give me
    a break". The cop keeps writing, so the guy in the wheelchair starts
    berating the cop...and the cop keeps writing tickets, then finally

    The guy in the wheelchair smugly chuckles "That felt so good...giving
    a vehicle with no indications of disability (hang tag or license plate)
    what the owner deserves"!! :)

    I can also say with full authority that 75% of the people who park with AP>the mirror hang tags have other disabled family members who are not with AP>them and they still park in the disabled spaces.

    I believe it. Even though my late wife was disabled, I would tell her
    that "there are some people who are in far worse shape than both of us".

    I am, and always have been, of the mindset if I don't need it this day AP>don't use it. Most of the summer so far has been very mild... I haven't AP>needed it. Today it's 87 and I'm in severe respiratory distress... I AP>will use it today.

    I have chronic sinus issues, and go through the Mentho-Lyptus cough
    drops like candy. But, I can't get rid of the tickle in the throat, and
    they can't do nothing about the sinuses.

    Thanks Daryl for sharing it helps to know how others are going through AP>things. I am fortunate to hang on to my home for now. I'm barely
    making it, and won't go into disabled housing in Louisville. I will
    have to move to a very high crime area. I have previously worked, i
    have nice things and to darling kitties.

    We are a support group to each other. On another topic, for people
    that hate talking about colonoscopies, I'm a big proponent on preventing
    colon cancer. They've found polyps in me 3 times, but no cancer. Sadly,
    I've heard too many stories of folks who waited too long to go to the
    doctor (when you are feeling well is the BEST time to go)...because when

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  • From Daryl Stout@1:19/33 to ALLEN PRUNTY on Thu Jun 2 11:46:00 2016
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    they finally get ill, it's discovered there's nothing that can be done, especially if it's stage IV cancer. Colon cancer is the second greatest
    killer right behind heart disease and breast cancer, but it's also one
    of the most preventable.

    My things can be replaced but I fear if my place in that area gets
    broken into they will hurt my kitties or I would lose them forever. My AP>kitties are my sanity.

    My Mom used to have a cat, but she's disabled and will be 90 this
    fall. While she'd love to have one, it's hard for her to get around and
    do things. I do all the driving, shopping, etc. for her now.

    As for me, my late wife and I had dachshunds (one at a time). We had
    the first one put down due to declining health, and the second one was
    re-homed the day my wife died over 9 years ago now.


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