• Here we Go again

    From Cindy Haglund@1:124/6308.20 to all on Fri Sep 28 16:18:54 2007
    Oh here we go again I do not want to rant about this again.
    I've explained it until I am blue in the face but it's like explain
    quantum mechanics to a newborn. People can not know what they do not
    experience but the stupid INDUSTRY misleads all of you with hearing to
    the MISLEAD IDEA that all you have to do is stick a hearing aid in or
    a C.I into the head of deaf/hoh person and WHOOOOOPEEEEEEEEEE they can
    HEAR AGAIN. Holy moley...


    The new movie "Hear and Now" is about a woman who helps her parents
    get this magic pill the C.I (cock your ear implant)... having every
    thinking OOH BOY now they can here people sneezing and ..... noise. OH
    .. yeah.

    Nobody and I DO MEAN NOBODY says a single solitary word about TONE

    And anyone who lacks the so called 'hair cells" in their ears lacks
    TONE discrimination. If you lack TONE discrimination all the volume
    help in the WORLD (which is what HA's and CI's do)... is gonna help
    you out where it matters the most: With hearing SPEECH!

    Who the hell wants to hear noise???
    I want to see come out help for us with Tone loss. Regeneration of
    tone receptor cells... now that will be breaking news. Just upping
    the volume is not worth a ding for us.


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