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    From Cindy Haglund@1:124/6308.20 to all on Mon Mar 10 08:45:16 2008
    Huge article on hybrid cars in our paper today. Veddy interesting!

    SO? What's your view?

    I am of the impression from the info given you would get the most out
    of a hybrid if you use it primarily in city traffic (because while
    you're sitting in traffic for example the gas engine is shut down and
    the battery takes over. The battery part of the set up is for low
    speed driving. The gasoline part is for high speed driving.

    A battery pack has an 8 year warranty, can cost 5-10K to replace and
    can at this time be serviced only by the dealer. (There are as of yet
    no independents serving hybrid models.)

    It's said that the hybrids come with all the usual amenities and they
    also perform identically or nearly so. The engine is said to be so
    quite you don't even know it's running; and in effect the tire noise
    is a lot louder.

    An interesting item is that hybrids were around in the 1900's ; they
    electric engine helped when the gasoline engine was too week... OH I
    knew this part but it was a nice refresher/reminder of how necessity
    is the mother of 'invention' or use... Now with gas prices soaring
    hyrbrids WILL become more popular and they're not all teeny tiny
    models either.

    I kinda like that Honda Civic hybrid. 40 mpg. I didn't care for the
    'who buys this model age group breakdown. Bah. Buy what serves your
    needs! Forget the 'gee only people between 30 -40 buy this model. heh.
    And the Lexus if for the uh well heeled 50-60- year old. I hate it
    when they do that. ((I imagine this age grouping data are
    for the "status quo" hyper-conscious. As in if you have kids you
    HAVE to want an SUV.)

    We currently have a regular GM Vibe (30 mpg).. all paid off too. Good
    care we're thinking of getting a hybrid next time. :) SO that's why
    I'm broaching this topic here to see with everyone has to say even
    though I don't drive. I do find cars interesting though. :)


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  • From Roger Nelson@1:3828/7 to Cindy Haglund on Mon Mar 10 09:58:34 2008
    Huge article on hybrid cars in our paper today. Veddy interesting!

    SO? What's your view?

    I want the electric car back!



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