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    Beware Cheap Insulin!

    Stolen Insulin Could Pose Major Health Risk on Black Market

    Posted: Nov 23, 2007 04:26 PM

    By Rick Dawson

    PLAINFIELD, Ind. - Indiana State Police are looking for some stolen cargo
    that could be dangerous in the wrong hands.

    In the dark, early Thursday morning, thieves took two trailers from Daum Trucking in Plainfield. They backed up a couple of trucks and hauled them away.

    Inside the trailers were health and beauty products, but a lot of medicine
    too. Specifically, insulin that needs to stay refrigerated. Perhaps headed
    to the black market.

    Sgt. Rich Myers of the Indiana State Police said the thieves must have
    known what was in the trailers. Myers also says that by not maintaining the medicine properly, the thieves could be selling a toxic product.

    "If this insulin is not maintained at a proper temperature, it can go bad,
    and if someone does take this insulin it can cause very bad sickness and
    even death."

    Trucker Ronnie Williams says onboard computers keep drivers informed of
    thefts like these.

    "It's word of mouth, you know, at truck stops drivers will talk about a
    trailer being missing, or a driver being missing. We generally take care of ourselves out here you know," said Williams.

    GPS devices are becoming common in cars and they can be found in trucks
    too. They're used so companies can track those trucks. In this case the
    thieves knew what to do, they simply shut the systems down.

    Now the search is on.

    "The trailers are kind of unique, they're stainless steel
    trailers...they're very bright and they have red wheels inside the tires.
    And should be easy to spot," said Myers.

    State Police put the value of the stolen trailers and their contents in the millions of dollars.

    If you have any information about the case, State Police want to hear from
    you. The toll free number is 1-800-225-8576.

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