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    Have not seen it though hopefully another has. Me, I'm reading up tosee there is a fix for inet_ntop issues with XP.


    Sorry, sucky putty is messy. The link to the 2 C++ files for install of 3.19 no longer exist. (actually, second one does, first doesnt).

    Try this?
    digital man (rob)

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    Thank you and will see. If so, may want to update link for installs? That one was 8.6mb, the other was 4.(something) that I hunted down.

    I'll check the wiki to see if the 3.15 I have can upgrade.

    Not to be confusing any. 1:275/100 is on 3.14 (the one I am using). 1:275/1000 is the new one going up. It's on 3.15b right now but looking to take it over to 3.19 (Jan 2022 release). OS is XP (which doesn't do IPV6).

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