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    From Carol Shenkenberger@1:275/100 to Gary Perkins on Sun Jun 21 10:57:34 2009

    they're quite popular in china where internet is very restrictive.

    I don't know where you get that but as the last Z6C, I can tell you it's not true. They use *internet* type 'BBS' naming but it's not the same at all.

    Classic case of not turning off breaking. I learned how to use lynx to get around the web, and eventually stumbled across some taiwanese BBSes. I was able to find one that had English translation, subscribe, and thus had my first Internet email address. Very cool. (this was before I found out about nether.net)

    Grin, I didnt say they never had them, they did. They mostly were in Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Guam as the concentration areas. Guam has one again but he's listed off Hawaii. There were a few left who were moved to Z3 when I left but the last China one (Lawrence Fan) seems to have gone away again. He was posting last year though.

    What they have there now, is web based 'bulletin boards' (web forums
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