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    From Jon Justvig@1:298/5 to Janis Kracht on Sun Jan 27 23:06:14 2013
    Jon Justvig: I need to make an adjustment, making my nodelists, fidonews and policy information available. Right now the Policy4 can be easily accessed on my other system's website. Nodelist/diffs can be accessed from the file menu on my Fidonet board as well as Fidonews. I'm thinking of making an adjustment to the main page of BBBS.
    Jon Justvig: I'll try to do that while I am looking for NC candidates tomorrow.
    Jon Justvig: I'm also going to netmail all nodes in my segment and try to get a
    Jon Justvig: There are a lot of Down nodes that need to be rem'd/removed. Jon Justvig: Maybe I can get some work done around here tomorrow. I'll also be watching the echoes more closely.
    Jon Justvig: Just a few thoughts I wanted to share. Jon Justvig: No word from Gaylen yet. I'll give him a few days. Jon Justvig: Also, I moved my other BBS from 1:14/1 to 1:298/1 to avoid confusion.
    Jon Justvig: 000-0-0-0-0 remain until further notice Jon Justvig: and ;ALLOwunpub 1 is the same Jon Justvig: I sent Gaylen a pending message regarding the 000-0-0-0-0 to
    -Unpublished- change.
    Jon Justvig: which all of this should have been sent to you by Netmail Jon Justvig: Sorry about that. We have usually just discussed things via ICQ. Jon Justvig: I know you must be busy, so I'm about to wrap things up and go to bed.
    I'm going to be busy myself tomorrow.

    I'll try to remember to send Netmail of more non-urgent issues. I understand it's late right now and you have things to do before bed.

    Jon Justvig
    R14C (1:298/5)

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