• Nuevos archivos - Fercho BBS [03/2022]

    From Fercho@4:902/19 to all on Tue Mar 1 06:52:02 2022
    FileEcho Zsegs Files: 318 -------------------------------------------------------------------
    ZONE1.029 71.0K ZONE1.029 ZONE3.030 9.3K ZONE3.030 ZONE1.030 71.0K ZONE1.030 ZONE3.031 9.3K ZONE3.031 ZONE1.031 71.0K ZONE1.031 ZONE3.032 9.3K ZONE3.032 ZONE1.032 71.0K ZONE1.032 ZONE3.033 9.3K ZONE3.033 ZONE4.Z35 2.6K ZONE4.Z35 ZONE1.033 71.0K ZONE1.033 ZONE3.034 9.3K ZONE3.034 ZONE1.034 70.9K ZONE1.034 ZONE3.035 9.3K ZONE3.035 ZONE1.035 71.1K ZONE1.035 ZONE3.036 9.3K ZONE3.036 ZONE1.036 71.1K ZONE1.036 ZONE3.037 9.3K ZONE3.037 ZONE1.037 71.1K ZONE1.037 ZONE3.038 9.3K ZONE3.038 ZONE1.038 71.1K ZONE1.038 ZONE3.039 9.3K ZONE3.039 ZONE4.Z42 2.6K ZONE4.Z42 ZONE1.039 71.1K ZONE1.039 ZONE3.040 9.3K ZONE3.040 ZONE1.040 71.1K ZONE1.040 ZONE3.041 9.3K ZONE3.041 ZONE1.041 71.1K ZONE1.041 ZONE1.042 71.1K ZONE1.042 ZONE3.042 9.3K ZONE3.042 ZONE3.043 9.3K ZONE3.043 ZONE1.043 71.1K ZONE1.043 ZONE3.044 9.3K ZONE3.044 ZONE1.044 71.1K ZONE1.044 ZONE3.045 9.3K ZONE3.045 ZONE1.045 71.1K ZONE1.045 ZONE3.046 9.3K ZONE3.046 ZONE4.Z49 2.6K ZONE4.Z49 ZONE1.046 71.1K ZONE1.046 ZONE3.047 9.3K ZONE3.047 ZONE1.047 71.3K ZONE1.047 ZONE3.048 9.3K ZONE3.048 ZONE1.048 71.3K ZONE1.048 ZONE3.049 9.3K ZONE3.049 ZONE1.049 71.2K ZONE1.049 ZONE3.050 9.3K ZONE3.050 ZONE1.050 71.3K ZONE1.050 ZONE3.051 9.3K ZONE3.051 ZONE1.051 71.2K ZONE1.051 ZONE3.052 9.3K ZONE3.052 ZONE1.052 71.2K ZONE1.052 ZONE3.053 9.3K ZONE3.053 ZONE4.Z56 2.6K ZONE4.Z56 ZONE1.053 71.2K ZONE1.053 ZONE3.054 9.3K ZONE3.054 ZONE1.054 71.6K ZONE1.054 ZONE3.055 9.3K ZONE3.055 ZONE1.055 71.5K ZONE1.055 ZONE3.056 9.3K ZONE3.056 ZONE1.056 71.4K ZONE1.056 ZONE3.057 9.3K ZONE3.057 ZONE1.057 71.4K ZONE1.057 ZONE3.058 9.3K ZONE3.058 ZONE1.058 71.4K ZONE1.058 ZONE3.059 9.3K ZONE3.059

    General Software BBS Files: 1 -----------------------------------------------------------------
    mys112a4.rar 1.2M 16/02/22 Mystic v1.12 alpha 47 - Software de BBS
    | /
    | ݲv1.12 A47
    | Windows 32-bit
    | + Free feature-crazy multinode BBS software
    | + TELNET, RLOGIN, SSH terminal servers
    | + FTP, POP3, SMTP, NNTP, HTTP servers
    | + BINKP/FTP FTN mailer/tosser & Area/FileFix/TIC
    | + QWK/QWKE Networking via built in FTP processes
    | + Event-based menuing system with lightbars
    | + Powerful language/theme/prompts system
    | + MPL Pascal and Python scripting languages
    | + Msg editor w/ embedded ANSI & spell checking
    | + Long file name file bases with X/Y/Zmodem
    | + 99 line file descriptions w/ embedded ANSI DIZ
    | + CP437 and UTF-8 character translations
    | + Many DOS door formats and socket-based DOOR32
    | + Many more features and utilities built in!
    | www.mysticbbs.com

    MSX Emuladores Files: 1 -----------------------------------------------------------------
    bluemsxv.exe 14.0M Blue MSX v2.82 - Excelente emulador de MSX con ROMs.
    --- SBBSecho 3.14-Linux
    * Origin: Fercho BBS 2 (4:902/19)