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    From Felipe T. Dorado@2:345/702 to Todos on Wed Sep 20 22:33:46 2000
    Hola Todos :)

    De la introducción a k12net:

    Tom Jennings and his friends started to tinker with the
    initial concept of networking home microcomputers back in 1985.
    Their "FIDOnet" began as two computers which were programmed to
    "call" each other across the country in the middle of the night
    (when phone rates are lowest) to exchange highly compressed messages
    for maximum economy. The concept worked well! Within a few months,
    hundreds of others had joined this "network". Now, a mere five
    years later, FIDOnet consists of some 10,000 "electronic Bulletin
    Board Systems" (BBS's) in 50+ countries throughout the world. It is
    growing at a mind-boggling, ever-accelerating rate because more and
    more individuals and schools are beginning to discover just how easy
    and inexpensive it is to set up and operate their very own
    "grassroots" BBS which can share a "critical mass" that is
    international in scope. As a result, there may already be dozens
    of NO-fee FIDOnetBBS's accessible to you RIGHT NOW in your local
    calling area with more coming every week! Perhaps what is most
    significant about this "revolution" is that Tom Jennings and his
    friends never "planned" on this size, diversity or dynamism. (They
    probably never dreamed this would happen!) Their contribution was
    the basic technical concept of FIDOnet and, of course, the "early"
    system software to get it all started. It was the "market
    forces"---the vast numbers of sysops and users subsequently joining
    and using the network---that caused its structure and content to
    "evolve" to what it has today. The international scope,
    sophistication and complexity of the FIDOnetwork as well as the
    plethora of inexepensive and (mostly) free state-of-the-art
    FIDOnet-standard system software and utilities available now is the
    result of the collective "tinkering" of thousands of minds over tens
    of thousands of man-hours--without any centralized planning or
    control other than a subscription to a basic set of technical
    standards. The forces of supply and demand have been the only real
    governing factors! Tom and his friends "planted a seed" which has
    grown into an immense "forest" of vast diversity and energy that
    has evolved its own "ecology". FIDOnet has changed the world! 
    Fuente: https://www.eff.org/Infrastructure/Regional_rural_edu/k12net.intro

    Si alquien tiene interés le traduzco lo que necesite.

    Bueno, pero, ¿cómo es que a Tom Jennings se le ocurrió eso de conectar dos ordenadores?

    Felipe :)

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