• Atari March 2007 BBS List

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    Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. An Atari BBS list in 2007. J

    Atari BBS List 03/07/2007
    Modified from ongoing list at:

    -- EMULATED Atari 8-bit ---
    (View ATASCII graphics on your PC by downloading ATS.20 http://www.atarimax.com/atariterm/downloads/ats.exe)

    01 Closer to Home BBS
    (The first telnet BBS that emerged onto the telnet BBS scene in 1999.
    A bit slow, but has been one consistant BBS as well.)
    (Break movies can be found here)

    02 The Boot Factory
    WEB: http://bf.amfband.com
    A8bit BBS: telnet://bfbbs.no-ip.com
    or: telnet://bfbbs.dtdns.net

    -- REAL Atari 8-bit Ran ---

    03 Inside The 8-bit - (2 lines)

    04 MouseNet BBS

    -- EMULATED Atari ST BBS

    05 The Grove BBS

    -- REAL Atari ST Ran ----

    06 Dark Force BBS (Run on a Mega 2 ST)
    (Make sure to hit enter after connecting. It will display ŖATA‹ and
    go from there. Screen will be blank till you do that.)

    07 ST Guild BBS

    -+- ATARI CHAT AREAS ---

    08 telnet://irc.atarichat.net
    (Enter "atari" at login, skip the password (enter), and then enter a name..
    will take you straight to the IRC chat.)
    Someone is there most of the time.
    (This IRC chat was started in 2006 and can be reached by
    typical IRC means as well.)

    09 telnet://www.atarinews.org
    (Enter in this order... "bbs", "Bbs", enter name and password at the next
    login, enter, t for talk, c for chat, then a name and you're in)
    Chat times 7:00 PM CST Tuesday nights
    10:00 am CST Sunday (EuroChat)
    (This chat has been faithfully going on since 2004, and
    has run on other chat clients before this since 1999.)


    10 "I Still Like Atari" BBS (Yes, that is actually the name)

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