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    *Cheating News from the Chess World*
    Creador schneier

    Chess player caught cheating[1] at a tournament:

    I kept on looking at him. He was always sitting down, he never got up. It
    was very strange; we are taking about hours and hours of playing. But most >suspicious of all, he always had his arms folded with his thumb under his >armpit. He never took it out."

    Mr Coqueraut said he was also "batting his eyelids in the most unnatural >way."

    "Then I understood it," he said. "He was deciphering signals in Morse

    The referee attempted to expose Mr Ricciardi by asking him to empty his >pockets, but nothing was found. When the Italian was asked to open his
    shirt, he refused.

    Tournament organisers then asked the 37-year old to pass through a metal >detector and a sophisticated pendant was found hanging around his neck >underneath a shirt. The pendant contained a tiny video camera as well as a >mass of wires attached to his body and a 4cm box under his armpit. Mr >Ricciardi claimed they were good luck charms.

    Older posts. A grandmaster was caught cheating in April.


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