• Issues with fido.rbt.net.br

    From Flavio Bessa@4:80/1 to All on Sat Jul 15 09:37:06 2023

    We are experiencing issues with the FQDN fido.rbt.net.br, as reported a few weeks ago.

    As Fabio still haven`t updated his DNS system, I am proceeding with activating our backup FQDN:

    - fidobr.ddns.net

    It is active already, therefore I request you?

    - If you make binkp events with 4:80/1, please replace fido.rbt.net.br from your system with fidobr.ddns.net. You can also use the IP address:, as this ipv4 is fixed.

    I will perform the necessary changes at the nodelist and send the update to Manuel. After nodelist is updated, I will netmail the nodes I have events from other zones, so they can update their configs as well.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.


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