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    From Max Vasilyev@2:5057/77 to All on Sat Jan 13 13:06:34 2024
    Hello All!


    After many years of service, hobbes.nmsu.edu will be decommissioned and will no longer be available. You the user are responsible for downloading any of the files found in this archive if you want them. These files will no longer be available for access or download as of the decommission date.

    As of April 15th, 2024 this site will no longer exist.

    No one will be able to access this site or any information/files stored on this site as of April 15th, 2024.

    Please see https://hobbes.nmsu.edu/archive to retrieve an archive file of the site. Alternatively, FTP can be used to download any individual files.

    Архив 18 гигов.
    Поставил качаться.

    WBR, Max.
    --- скучаю по FleetStreet'у :-(((
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  • From Mikael Tikhonov@2:5049/82 to All on Mon Jan 15 20:24:23 2024
    Ушла эпоха.


    --- FleetStreet 1.37
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