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    From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Sun May 21 01:01:22 2023
    %SYSTEM-F-ANARCHISM, The operating system has been overthrown

    More hit points than you can possibly imagine.

    &%#jfksikkkslgpopps.. "Hey, get the cat off the keyboard!"&&'''''25!#$&@E%sfhxv... oops Sorry... no speaka de ASCII

    Ross Perot - knitting with only one needle.

    A fool with a tool ist still a fool

    There seems to be some confusion here. - Mulder

    Well, get unstuck & continue with the briefing. - JLP

    I think I need a Lear Jet - Pink Floyd

    Smith's Law: No real problem has a solution.

    Post-operative - a letter carrier

    One Page Principle: A specification that will not fit on one page of 8.5x11 inch paper cannot be understood. -- Mark Ardis

    Oohhh. Jedi Master. @TOFIRST@. You seek @TOFIRST@

    Zoinks! I sure hope that's just Scooby behind me

    ZIP me, PAK me, Make me compress my bits!!

    God will always be the spiritual focus of the Boy Scouts of America.

    Soldier: Someone who sleeps in the mud but dreams of fresh linen.

    Killing for peace is like whoring for virginity! (RM)

    Never test for an error you don't know how to handle!

    Shut-up, dude, you're being totally immature. - Cartman, South Park

    Have you ever heard the story of the boy who cried wolf? - Bashir

    For sincere personal advice, phone your moderator at 3 a.m.

    Redneck Menu Conundrums #1: What wine goes with Moon Pies?

    ERROR: Data Corrupted - (A)bort (R)etry (B)lame Lore?


    What is greater than Good? <Caine> Love. <Master Kan>

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  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Mon May 22 01:10:38 2023
    Quiz--Democrats are: 1)Beyond hope 2)Lost 3)Nobody cares

    Karl Marx, your final question, who won the Cup Final in 1949?

    REVO EMAG...what happens when you really screw up!

    "Bother!" said Pooh, as he poured grease onto the interstate.

    KPLA Klingon Radio : All glory, all the time!

    Socrates, himself, was permanently pissed.

    Don't even think of putting a Tagline here.

    One of "Them"

    Settle down Orville, you'll wet your pants.

    Virus detected. Ask motherboard for chicken soup? (Y/N)

    Ura Redneck If Ur two-year-old has more teeth than you do.

    Quod erat demonstrandum. [Thus it is proven. For those who wondered WTF QED means.]

    * &lt;--- Tribble \*/ &lt;--- Tribble giving up to mugger

    QUIET! Tagline auditor seriously &lt;g&gt; at work!

    ZfOs dead, Jim. But hell, she was like that in the sack."

    Warp drive is for the Warped, hyperspace is for the Hyper

    Of the 10 deadliest varieties of snake, 7 are in Australia. The other three are in politics...

    Scratch a Conservative, and you scratch a moron.

    Need a Hand? : Paris to Holodoc

    When you are working hard, get up and retch every so often

    Ooooh, I need a dirty woman

    Carefully avoid anything said to be KEWL!!

    Xerox & Wurlitzer merged...now making reproductive organs.

    I'm desperately trying to figure out why kamikaze pilots wore helmets

    URA Redneck if you think the French Riviera is foreign car.

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  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Tue May 23 01:01:20 2023
    "I am the Knight Industries Two Thousand. You can call me KITT."

    My computer's sick -- I think my modem is a carrier.

    Phone sex? Nah - Ma Bell's a little past Playmate age.

    "Bother!" said Pooh and drew his .45 and shot the intruder.

    &lt;RING&gt;...CONNECT 300...&lt;CLICK!&gt;

    Zoroastrianism sh*t happens half the time

    Commander, I object to that plan. - Data

    Early u go to Bed, early your pant gets wet.

    Tonight's mud wrestling event: MENSA vs. Hee-Haw

    Constable, would you stop doing that?! - Kira

    &lt;L&gt;each files &lt;C&gt;omplain to Sysop &lt;D&gt;rop Carrier

    Quantum Physics For Absolute Morons

    Flee this seething cauldron of angst! -- Mike Nelson

    "If I wasn't talking, I wouldn't know what to say." Chico Resch

    How come only the most sensible people agree with us?

    People don't live or die, people just float.

    !!!ereh fo tuo em teG !!!pleH

    Tonight's episode: A Bicycle Built For Death!

    This an example of an endless loop endless loop endless loop endless loop

    Gosh, I bet that dragon bite really smarts! PIC

    Smoke a doobie while driving - leave no turn unstoned.

    Damn it Jim, I'm a doctor, not a computer!

    Good thing it's not a Pentium doing the formating eh?

    XOH: eXecute no-Op and Hang

    Bart's Blackboard: I will not yell "She's Dead" during roll call

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  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Wed May 24 01:01:24 2023
    KIRK: We'll need all the power you can muster, Mister

    Xmas present? Meg Ryan would do nicely...

    MURHPY'S LAWS OF COMBAT: A grenade with a seven second fuse will always burn down in four seconds

    Keep England Tidy; burn a tourist, but not his money!&lt;AT

    BBS down because: []Routing []Hardware []Repair []User error []All these

    Reviled did I live, said I, as evil I did deliver

    John-O-Rama, The Johninator, John-Man, The Johnmeister

    Q-Tip: When a omnipotent alien gives you advice.

    Off-line mail; make sysops happy

    History chronicles the small portion of the past that was suitable for print

    Zombies aren't dead. They're just "living impaired"

    BOYCOTT Joker.com for censorship

    URA Redneck If U actually know which leaves make good toilet paper

    Care to guess how the fetus would vote on abortion?

    We're gonna need another Timmy. -- Mr. Lizzard

    I have abandoned the follies of youth for those of old age. (Depew)

    Knucklehead Smith makes a sale - Joel

    He's got a leak in his think-tank

    Knowledge is power

    Don't yell at me, Orville Bullitt, I'm not your mother.

    Judge - An Unemployed Lawyer Who Wears a Black Dress.

    Please, God, don't let me screw up. -- Alan Shepard

    May the great galactic kitten bring you perfect bliss

    Zeus was deified, saw Suez.

    When in Rome, do as the snamoR do! - Lister

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  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Thu May 25 01:01:20 2023
    "I read Playboy for the articles." "Yea, right." - Connie Sharlow

    Prisoners! Seize each other! -Hig Hurgenflurst

    Quatrotriticale....3.56 billion tribbles can't be wrong!

    Q: How do you get a Mexican pregnant? A: Come in her shoes and let the flies do the rest

    You're so stupid you could trip over a cordless phone!

    Xerox does it again and again and again and

    Where the hell is Steele, Missouri anyway???

    Know what I like about Windows? NOTHING!

    XRS! - You've got the right one baby! Uh HUH!!

    Were from the government. Were here to help ourselves.

    MAW: Make Aggravating Whine

    FIDO lie #18 My point works perfectly!

    A lessa' docto' might've been fooled. Cheeeiit. I, howeva'...- HoloDoc

    Skydiving & Maxwell House coffee...Good to the last drop

    "But that's for later..." -- Dr. Forrester


    Kansas: Not the end of the earth, but you can see it from here!

    This space accidentally left blank.

    Catch that and sew a button on it!

    X-Windows...Playing tic-tac-toe on a UNIX box.

    URA Redneck If U quit your job to avoid paying child support.

    Looking through the bent-backed tulips

    Macarthur's Triumph - By V. J. Daye

    Ura Montanan if your dog is your only vacuum cleaner.

    Do dyslexic devils tell each other to go to heaven?

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  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Fri May 26 01:01:24 2023
    I will attempt to narrow the field, sir. - Data

    New Porno Film: Dickman and Throbbin'

    Keep cops off welfare...Commit a crime.

    What's so bad about a dog's life ?

    Your mother worries if I eat a hamburger. - General Franklin

    Vampire is an odd name. Mind if we call you Bruce?

    This bytes

    He went on: What comes out of a man makes him unclean. -Mark 7:20

    Rise of the Triad: Null dead state called in Collision

    Jared would rather ride the Wave than wallow in QWKsand!

    URA Redneck: If you go to family reunions to meet women!!

    Coca-Cola 50 Million Times a Day - 1955

    A 30 pound bicycle needs a 20 pound lock.

    You're not allowing young Mr Sisko in your holosuites I hope! - Odo

    TV Truth: A chop to the neck with the.

    Everyone is entitled to beryone is entitled to my opinion, just ask me

    Vancouver Rain Festival runs January 1 - December 31 this year! :)

    Orville reminds me of London - Always in a fog.

    I try to avoid thinking. It hurts too much. - Rodikins

    Unfortunately, most drunk drivers are still driving.

    ZCFH: Zero Core For the Hell of it

    "His feet are the wrong size for his shoes." -Hig Hurgenflurst.

    Hair of the hare: a wimp's hangover cure?

    X PROGRAMMERS do it with clients and servers.

    Taglines? We don't need no stinkin' tagl.@$#% NO CARRIER

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  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Sat May 27 01:01:20 2023
    Oh how I love to lick your creamy center!

    Everyone has those days. &lt;pat, pat&gt; - Anna Steven

    My other computer is a TI99/4a

    X-( User just died.

    Lottery (n) A tax on people who are bad at math.

    The real world is not user-friendly.

    Zymurgy's 7th Exception to Murphy's Laws: When it rains, it pours.

    We all live in a Yellow Submarine!!

    Join Starfleet!! Meet interesting people, kill them!!!

    REP: Randomly Execute Programmers

    You stole my tagline, again!

    oxymoron: paid amateur

    You are what you eat. Gimme something rich!

    Volus Horriblus, is your taxanomic nomenenclature an endothermic pest?

    He's not dead, yet, Jim - Bones Python

    Last words: "You mean ... this ... is the last ... torch?"

    Message entered on Cray notebook.

    keep digging...

    There's an intelligence, a malevoence. It's evil. Kirk

    * &lt;- Tribble * &lt;- Alien Tribble

    KID.ZIP.. Cute program...No on-line help!

    Vote republican - It's easier than thinking.

    XXXX Don't panic.. it's only a virus XXXX

    No Moderators present, and the flaming began

    URA Redneck If U ever woke up with Red Man in your hair.

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  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Sun May 28 01:01:24 2023
    Very funny Ensign Wolff, now beam down my pants!!

    URA Redneck if U consider "Outdoor Life" deep reading

    PUNNY BOOK: Smart Beer Making: Bud Wiser.

    Jesus Saves... Gretsky gets the rebound & scores!

    You were told not to feed me after midnight!

    LANGUAGE - (1) What you use to program a computer

    Boldly start in reverse, 'cause that's the genealogy way.

    What, us .BATs? V^^^\_o^o_/^^^V

    * &lt;-- Odo, disguised as a tribble

    Quark! Gimme a Raktajino! THANKS, MORN!

    You have mail, but not for long!

    "Ingrate: A man who bites the hand that feeds him, and then complains of

    Promote responsible firearms ownership

    "Dabbling in a bit of ironic foreshadowing, are we?" -Milo

    Some men are alive simply because it is against the law to kill them.

    Yeah, that's it, Milhouse, keep up the chatter. - Apu

    ZD: Zap Directory

    Question authority - continually, diligently, persistently.

    Jimmy Chinese Buffett. -- Joel Robinson

    A sucking chest wound is nature's way of telling you to slow down.

    Four days older than water.

    Most people are not creatures of reason

    ZAPPA: Tax the churches!!!!!

    God is dead, but 50,000 social workers have risen to take His place.

    URA Redneck If U can burp the entire chorus of 'Jingle Bells.'

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  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Mon May 29 01:11:22 2023
    I threw away my candy bar and I ate the wrapper

    Farfergnookie: Sex in a VW

    See the Great Underground Empire for under 1 zorkmid!

    KFP: Kindle Fire in Printer

    Girls no marry basketball players--dribble before shoot

    Law of Revelation: The hidden flaw never remains hidden.

    Killer Religious Leopards From Mercury have become born again Christians Says Jerry Springer

    Qmodem keeps appearing on friend's disks

    Confusion: Donald Duck speaking Klingonese.

    Pick one to die, Captain, or I kill them both. - Data

    (C) 1992 All Lefts Reserved

    We really need to get out & hunt some heads! - Mike

    X-rated ST:TNG fiction often involves Data entry

    Blonde like a frying pan? Must get them hot before putting in the meat!

    Kevin Anderson wrote to all (and it'll cost $5.99 to read)

    A friend helps us remember the important things.

    I don't snag... I reverse-engineer.

    "Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a... oh, right."

    Queen bee--the power behind the drone

    Do not buy stuff you cannot afford unless you really want to.

    BELA LUGOSI is my co-pilot

    Mars Probe ERROR: A)bort R)etry T)ell 'em where I am?

    Guitar players do it with heavy fuzz!

    CAR: Cancel Accounts Receivable

    Rush Limborg - "Your opinion is irrelevant."

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  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Tue May 30 01:01:22 2023
    Present to the eye, present to the mind. - Chinese Proverb

    Floridium: Natrium lover.

    Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hm?

    Toothpaste never hurts the taste of good scotch

    Have you had your 50,000-lines-read checkup yet?

    Pass the Prozac, please

    Kindly remove your hat, lady. - Rizzo to Klinger

    Eluded the *Enterprise*?!? - Picard

    No cat anywhere ever gave anyone a straight answer

    X-generation: A disarmed generation soon becomes an X-generation

    Queen: We had peace * Mike: And carrots

    Hi, Mr. Rex! I'm Barney!

    Digital communications, it makes my digit hurt.

    RemoteAccess v1.11+

    I just wish I knew what the hell is going on! - Mulder

    Know what I like about Windows98? Not a damn thing

    Ura redneck when you can drink tobacco spit!

    SLEEP: What you do to pass the time when a hockey game isn't on.

    A gem is not polished without rubbing

    PTL: Promise Them Lies

    Picard is attacked/has an accident & blood is drawn - 2 drinks!

    A true Gentleman allways lets his lady cum first

    Oh, Speeedo... Sissy

    Very humorous, indeed. Hysterical, in fact.  Data

    Emoticon: :-o Yawn

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  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Wed May 31 01:01:26 2023
    This tagline is only for the living.

    Money is like an arm or leg: use it or lose it. --Henry Ford

    Gee, there must be hundreds of 'em! - Carl Sagan, age 8

    Manic Depressive - A man pressed down to the floor

    BOING! Tickling the phosphors on your screen

    Dear Auntie Em: Hate you, hate Kansas. Took the dog.

    Once you have their money, you never give it back.

    Karaoke - n. 1. Japanese for "tone deaf white guys who can't sing"

    Zymurgists do it with yeasts.

    Captain @TOLAST@...one harmless little...Tribble?

    Zen and the Art of Procrastination - I'll read it later.

    Cadence: When Everybody Hopes You're Going To Stop, But You Don't

    So -- what was the greatest thing BEFORE canned beer?

    Uh-oh. This isn't good. I've seen good B4 & this isn't it

    BANKERS do it with interest, but pay for early with drawl.

    The Windows folks wrote EDLIN. They can't be *all* bad!

    ZAPPA: Watch out where the huskies go and don't you eat that yellow snow

    For those of you who think life is a joke, just think of the punchline.

    "I am merely a hologram." The Doctor

    How do you know it's summer in Seattle? Rain's warm!

    For god's sake Norm, let the dog have the dip. --Cliff Claven.

    Take off your clothes. - Seven of Nine

    RecipeS needs four moderators. Just in case one is on vacation.

    URA redneck if a starship is a mallot.

    Everyone thinks I'm psychotic, except for my friends deep inside the earth

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  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Thu Jun 1 01:01:22 2023
    Fashion Statements Of Alcatrazz Prison

    URA Redneck if the rear tires on your car are twice as wide as front

    Picard! You cheated! I'm impressed! - Q

    Taxula! - And his side kick - ALGORE!!!

    Scotty, I need 5th gear NOW or we're all dead!

    Captain, I sense a commercial coming. Troi

    'your silence will not protect you'

    A gentleman is a man who CAN play the accordian but doesn

    Keep the kitchen clean....eat out tonight!

    Damn it Jim! I'm a programmer; I NEVER READ THE README!

    Quickly, I must hurry, for there go my people and I am their leader

    Shut your eyes and you'll burst into flames. -Log Lady

    Kissing girls is a goodness. It beats hell out of card games

    Xerox no longer makes originals.

    Remember, this *is* a *motion* picture... -- Crow T. Robot

    My tagline file is too large and I run out of memory

    He who falls in love with himself will have no rivals.

    Keep Grandma off the streets - legalize bingo.

    Go on, EMOTE! I was RAISED on thought balloons!!

    A Still-Store of Farrah Fawcett's poster - Tom on Crow

    KAPLAH: Klingon for "Have a nice day".

    You really are a complete smeghead, aren't you Dill?!

    A beer doesn't complain when you come home late.

    Don't I know you?

    Chakotay: We are far from the bones of our people

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  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Fri Jun 2 01:01:26 2023
    Look at the size of those sea monkeys! -- Joel Robinson

    Navy Photo School: Get a bottle of focusing fluid.

    New Borg Movie: Raiders of the Lost Borg.

    Musquirt: Yellow liquid that comes out from the mustard bottle first.

    ZZAPP! Another one bites the dust!

    Even snakes are afraid of snakes. - s.w.

    King's lead hat put the innocence inside her! - Brian Eno

    Reincarnation! I'm coming back rich AND famous!

    Just leave this long-haired country boy alone

    Have your modem call my modem and we'll do freq. &lt;The Jose&gt;

    Zelda had to "liverwurst" years with Hank.

    * &lt;- Tribble ____ &lt;- Tribble meets Ford at 65mph

    Thank you for encouraging my behavior.

    Virus detected: (I)nfect (E)xecute (V)accinate (P)anic

    When all your weapons fail, bite them!

    Up keep is keeping up.

    URA REDNECK WHEN: you made a hot tub with a trolling motor.

    That's what I meant....only different.

    Famous last words: Those soldiers couldn't hit an elephant at this...

    What do you do with a manically depressed Robot?

    Screw housework. I'm gonna MODEM!

    Pitcher's daughter, but you should have seen her curves

    Zentraedi are people too!

    The tagline was stupid, so I deleted it. - Your computer

    Oh no, not deja-vu again. Oh no, not deja-vu again. Oh no

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  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Sat Jun 3 01:01:20 2023
    A nod's as good as a wink to a blind dog

    HAL 9000- Dave. Put down those Windows disks. Please Dave.

    * &lt;- Tribble $ &lt;- Tribble Bred To Government Specs.

    REDNECK...Any of your children were conceived at a car wash

    Zapped or gassed or put to sleep, at least he won't make one more peep.

    xyzzy -- nothing happens.

    You can't kiss a girl unexpectedly, only sooner than she thought.

    &gt;Will Work For Food&lt; ...Franchises still available!

    Q: Is the Kiev accident anything like Three Mile Island? A: Of course, there's a direct core-relation

    Vashti (Persian): beautiful.

    Riker: Besides, you look good in a dress

    Hasty schizophrenics do things in a lickity split way.

    Searching for the answer, Christ hasn't come

    * &lt;- Tribble &lt;&lt;&lt;*&gt;&gt;&lt;- seaman tribble

    One enemy soldier is never enough, but two is entirely too many

    DR. SEUSS' Zippy the Rabid Gerbil

    Welcome to Wonderland...Alice!-Freddy Krueger

    "I didn't stick around too long after I came, though."

    Friend: Anyone who has the same enemies you have.

    No mail? Give fido a laxative.

    Q: How can you tell if another blonde's been using the computer? A: There's writing on the white-out

    "Eternity never looked so lovely." "You must be Riker."

    Every week is Speed Week!

    Oxymoron: Escort GT - An oxymoron

    Children, the times they are a-becoming quite different. - Skinner

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  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Sun Jun 4 01:01:24 2023
    Keep up appearances whatever you do. - Charles Dickens

    Zoroastrianism - **** happens half the time.

    Roger Daltry of Borg: Hope I die before I'm assimilated.

    Julia Child does it with asparagus and Hollandaise sauce.

    Virgin, n. - Someone who only has sex once

    Yo'momma so stupid that she thought a quarterback was a refund.

    We should do something with Frank's head & mail it to him. - Hawkeye

    I think so, Brain, but if we didn't have ears, we'd look like weasels!

    When the going gets tough... The tough go drinking.

    I'll show you balls! - Dr. Forrester

    I wanna kick this movie in the groin! Crow T. Robot

    Xpress Yourself!

    &lt;KNOCKING&gt; Who is it?-Scully Steven Speilberg!--LOL!!&gt; ... As if *I* didn't have to look it up, myself!! ... And I

    VM systems programmers DO IT with emulated devices

    Confucius Say: He who fishes in another man's well often catches crab

    Keep playing with your floppy and you'll go blind

    "Die with honor, O'Brien." Tosk


    Quick! I see a moderator! Change the subject, FAST!

    Don't scare them! - Odo

    Gillfriend: a fish that comes back to you

    Yo momma so fat when she sits around the house, she SITS AROUND THE HOUSE!

    Just because I can't explain it doesn't mean... they were UFOs" - DS

    Error 1424: Reserved for future errors.

    Rush Limbaugh wants to stop education in favor of incarceration later.

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
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  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Mon Jun 5 01:13:10 2023
    Life could be so much easier if we could just look at the source code

    Stonehenge was really a prehistoric gay bar

    recipes are like the footnotes to messages.

    You Aren't A Kid Any More When: Your back goes out more than you do

    Ura Redneck If U refer to the fifth grade as 'my senior year.'

    Zebra: the largest size bra

    Please stop picking your nose and reply to this message

    A wolf by any other name is still a slinky

    Def: PORNOGRAPHY: The business of making vinyl recordings

    Zoroastrianism sh*t happens half the time

    Get a new lease on life, do you have the security deposit

    J. William Marriott, Jr., CEO, Marriott Corp., was an Eagle Scout.

    &lt;snicker snort&gt;

    ZAP! That was *not* manual override. -- Data

    Gossip is the opiate of the oppressed. Jong

    Zymurgy's Law of Volunteer Labor: People are always available for work in the past tense

    A lover teaches a wife all her husband kept hidden from her.

    The Whispered Rule: People will believe anything if you whisper it.

    Give the man a cigar -- Amanda

    Non sequitur. Your facts are uncoordinated.

    Reality seems to be a constant intrusion on my dreams!

    What hurts more, Ben, your conscience or your ribs? Sheriff Buck

    You can say this for death and taxes: when you are done with one, you're done with the other

    Press &lt;Z&lt; for a special surprise.........(click)

    "I don't like Mondays." - Bob Geldoff & The Boomtown Rats

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
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  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Tue Jun 6 01:01:24 2023
    XYZZY... Nothing happens.

    Now you have the cloaking device, and we have very little. Ruan

    A Tribble is good eating, just remember to singe the fur off first!

    Just the facts, mam

    Ve have vays to make you talk, Orville Bullitt!

    VACATIONERS do it in a leisure way

    Dispatchers like to tell people where to go.

    I am an alcoholic, in case of an emergency, get me a beer

    Eds Radiator Shop:The Best Place in Town to Take a Leak.

    Vice goes a long way towards making life bearable

    crouching like wrestlers... it seems an athletic kind of malady

    Damn it Jim, she's dead! Now get off her!

    Zaphod is just zith guy, you know ?! -- [NO HOOPIER].

    Yo mama so fat sets off car alarms when she runs.

    Did you here the one about +++ATH NO CARRIER

    "Kill the quarterback..." It's just an expression.

    Foursomes are better - you don't have to wait your turn.

    OS/2 is a great system; & the Gates of Bill won't prevail

    Seed catalog: kernal journal

    Rule #1: Once you have their money, you never give it back.

    Thou shalt not post messages while drunk.

    Klaatu, Barada, Necktie! Oops

    Kids? Me? Yeah. They're in my aquarium. - Janeway

    Emoticon: *:o) Bozo the Clown!

    Rub-a-dub-dub, 3 men in a tub. My! How unsanitary! - S. J. & City Slicke

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Wed Jun 7 01:01:28 2023
    PLEEEASE, just a quick, little peak, she said, slyly

    Puritanism: the haunting fear that someone, somewhere may be happy.


    "If you're ahead, shut up and stay there." - Forrest Gump

    Life after death? What kind of a terminate-and-stay-resi

    MOM'S HINT #011: Remember when YOU misbehaved.

    Never wear battery-powered clothing to a formal event

    Easier to denature plutonium than the evil spirit of man

    Come along - the master doesn't like to be kept waiting

    PUS: PUrge System

    Keep up the strugle for truth, they have no idea

    Baby Bop: What Barney does in his time off?

    Darnit, Jim! I'm a doctor, not a physician! --McCoy

    There is no such thing as a little garlic.

    FACT: A cat will blink when struck by a hammer.

    You may be redneck if your house warming involves removing the tires.

    Knowledge of our past as history is important and central... - Keto

    Pardon me while I pluck that beam from your eye

    Dress to Oppress - El Presidente


    How to identify a British Comedian: Number one, the Python.


    &lt;Sssssssssssssssssss&gt;...."Winona ! Please.....not NOW !"

    There is a difference between a tag line and a philosophy

    Going down to Rosedale, take my rider by my side

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Thu Jun 8 01:01:22 2023
    You're destroying a lot of illusions. -- Alan Grant

    Liberals: If it doesn't make sense, call it economics or psychology

    WBIBTW #22. A beer doesn't care when you come

    Klansperson, n. - A racist who is not sexist

    Mommy, Mommy! The teacher says I look like a monkey! Shut up and comb your face!

    Zed, it's Maynard. The spider just caught a coupla flies

    Oh gad! Not Troi's mother again! -Entire Crew

    Each TAGLINE contains only ten calories

    God heals, but always someone else wants a fee.

    My God man. We've become a tourist attraction. --Londo.

    David Letterman is great

    Unzip...expand...explode... What kind of pervert is behind this???

    Last words: "What's the duration of this Fly spell?"

    PHILOSOPHERS think they do it

    Name me one gun control law that reduced crime

    Beware! I'm armed and have premenstrual tension.

    Escape? I didn't realize I was trapped.

    Best time to kick a man is when he's down. - Mr. Perfect

    You will live to see your grandchildren

    Def: Barometer: Instrument which shows the weather we are having

    Z-MODEM: What you hook up to ze phone.

    Ghostrider, this is Strike, we got two inbound recipes at 0-1-0

    FIDO lie #18 My Sysop enjoys reading all my posts.

    To the depths of the deepest C

    Pornography? I don't even have a pornograph!

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Fri Jun 9 01:01:26 2023
    "Don't act dumb..." "I'm NOT acting!!"

    Q IN ART SCHOOL: Tempera! Tempera, Mon Capitaine.

    Do you solemnly swear Mrs. Clinton, put your hand down

    Scratch and Sniff Tagline. Smells like glass, doesn't it?

    X-Windows is a terminal disease.

    Joan of Arc quit smoking in 1431.

    GO HABS GO!!!

    OXYMORON : Bad health

    Oooh I need a dirty woman, I need a dirty girl- Pink Floyd

    "It's the look of impending, full-blown, bull-goose enlightenment."

    LittleRedHairedGirl of Borg: Charlie Brown is irrelevant.

    X XXXXXX bga!U bLankeq To Pgeven+ &lt;bugN-!U&gt; XXXXXX X

    Uh.. that was fully intentional. Really! :) - Dire Wolf

    SMR: Skip on Meaningless Result

    You take it, you big, stupidy, bully butt! -- TV's Frank

    I think a SysOp Needs Nine Lives - I need ten.

    "And everything under the sun is in tune...." -Floyd

    The Oo-Ah bird is so-called because it lays square eggs.

    Zero Defects, n.: The result of shutting down a production line

    Now where did I put that rubber doll?

    DPG: Double Precision Guess

    FBI Investigators: Federal Bureau of Investigation investigators

    Good Morning Is An Opinion And Not A Greeting

    Zorro, the gay blade.

    Veni, Vidi, VCR. I came, I saw, I videotaped it.

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Sat Jun 10 01:01:20 2023
    What is the probability that something will happen according to the odds?

    &gt;DING!&lt; Humorous tagline found, initiating theft sequence.

    Kindly relocate to a theological area of eternal flames!

    God now ends his broadcast day

    What does ignorant mean?

    Cthulhu loves you, on a Ritz cracker.

    Oxymoron: wickedly nice

    Vodka + milk of magnesia = Phillips screwdriver

    XMAS NARCISSISTIC::::Hark the Herald Angels Sing About Me

    XPR: eXecute PRogrammer

    Excuse me, do you know the way to Kansas City?

    * &lt;- Tribble *** *** *** &lt;- Tribble drill team.

    Goulet! This guy's a pig...and so are you. Did you program this guy?

    Orange Juice! The Life's Blood of Florida!

    No, Orville, put down that gun!

    Good sex never gets an instant replay, but bad sports cal

    Error: Keybored. Please do something interesting.

    Reality-O-Meter [\....] yep, I thought so

    Kiki's delivery service: Letter bombs to Carl Macek 30% off.

    Yo momma so fat when she has sex, she has to give directions

    My only regret is, MacLeod, you'll only die once. - Kinkaid

    "I just love Chinese food", said Tom wantonly.

    Just push my food under the door honey, I'm busy!!!

    SMACK activates any Friday

    Don't cry for me, I'm already dead

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Sun Jun 11 01:01:24 2023
    Lithium! Where is my Lithium?

    A little rockin' and rollin' is good for the soul, I guess. - Blair

    * &lt;- Tribble **7 &lt;- Secret Agent Tribble

    Quiet, you petroleum based poltroon! - Lawrence Limburger

    Quid Malburg and Plano, consternation turned to elucidation!

    Nondeterminism means never having to say you are wrong.

    We've been giving you a break for years, get back to work

    PEBCAK: Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard

    Questions I know the answers to I don't need to ask, right ? - Calvin

    We could really...we could really...*BE* in this cave

    Escort GT - An oxymoron

    URA Redneck if your dad walks you to school b/c you're in the same grade

    Well, that's a little graphic for children, wouldn't you say? Garak

    Be vewy qwiewet! I'm hunting wuntime ewwors.

    Remington, shaves as close as a blade or we send the boys round

    I'd lecture you on love, little man - Mike to Tom

    * &lt;- Tribble _________ Tribbles after an encounter with a steamroller.

    System error - strike any technical support person to continue

    Ko macka u dzaku, smucam se po mraku

    Navigator: Spouse on a trip in the car, with road map in her lap.

    Zima taztes like zhit

    PUNNY BOOK: It's All In Your Head: Madge Ination.

    You can't be serious. You are serious!

    Never fire a laser at a mirror. - Larry Niven

    A REAL test for Duracell Bunny : build an _American_ Space Station

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Mon Jun 12 01:16:32 2023
    We were racing, we were soldiers of fortune

    Que sera, slenderize: What will be, is on a diet.

    Vampires give *killer* hickeys.

    * &lt;- Tribble * &lt;- UHF/VHF Tribble

    Know yourself. If you need help, call the FBI.

    Q What was the elephant doing on the motorway? A About 5 mph

    Virginity may be a handicap... but no, you may not park there!

    "I'm sorry... I could never beg with a straight face..."

    PROGRAMMERS do it with disks.

    A real friend remembers only the birthday.

    Jesus saves. Moses invests. Cthulhu engulfs and devours.

    Hard Drive - Baseball, Golf and Football, oh, Computers.

    For Sale: One slightly bloodstained FORD BRONCO: $1,000,000

    Coming to you via the Blue Wave.

    Oh, no... not the Bajoran chicken chant

    I am not an Opinionated Jerk, but I play one on FidoNet.

    Not all republicans are bad...some are dead!

    A telescope will magnify a star a thousand times, but a good press agent can do better. -Fred Allen

    Klingon Date Central. Life Insurance at Premium Rates.

    Since the left half of the brain controls the right half of the body, only we lefties are in our right minds

    Veiled References: "Low-key" (Socially dysfunctional).

    Keyboard not connected, press to continue

    MOM'S HINT #151: Yes, they need all sixty-four Crayolas.

    Off like...a masochist whore with long fingernails.

    "Dieting Made Easy" By Ann O'Rexic

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Tue Jun 13 01:01:22 2023
    Everyone is gifted, it's just that some open the package sooner

    HQelQp! MQy kQeyboarQd hQaQs bQeeQn tQakeQn oQveQr

    Famous Last Words: Dragon, what dragon?

    "Bridge to Sick Bay: Doctor, can you hear me?" Janeway

    He's dead Jim. You get his phaser, I;ll grab his wallet.

    URA Redneck If U *still* believe that a man who types is a sissy.

    You BET I'm shy! I'm a SHYster lawyer. Groucho Marx

    No, Taglines are for holding your letters up.

    History has to fulfill itself. -- Guinan

    Voodoo Programming: Things programmers do that they know shouldn't work

    You're tyrin' to throw your arms around the world --U2

    XUXA - Created and Developed by Morton Lee Cohen

    URA Redneck Jedi: At least one wing of your X-Wings is primer colored

    Yo mama so fat her college graduation picture was an aerial.

    Hello ... hello ... is there anyone out there??

    The years that a woman subtracts form her age are not lost. They are added to other women's. - Diane De Poitiers

    Honk if you love Tag Line Xpress version 4.00!

    Nice try Quark, but I know you better than that. -- Dax

    Be kind to your mother-in-law. Babysitters are expensive.

    "Cover your bets... Y'A'L'L'..." "BINGO!" "We have a winner!"

    Don't blame meI didn't do it!

    Expert systems make the same mistakes as you do - only faster

    Lizzie Borden didn't need no stinkin' gun!

    Def: Biography: One of the terrors of death.

    What is mind? No matter! What is matter? Never mind! - Homer S.

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Wed Jun 14 01:01:20 2023
    Oxymoron: non-alcoholic beer

    JERUSALEM (Jerusalem-PLO) activates Jul - Dec

    Virgin like balloon One prick, all gone

    Quark to Odo, you still with us? Don't sound TOO disappointed.

    Nobody here but us, and I do adore the view. - Kalas

    A few pages stuck together.

    The boys' restroom smells but the girls' restroom doesn't.

    Veni, Vidi, Vc -- I Came, I Saw, I Got Drafted To Vietnam

    What makes old age so sad is not that our joys but our hopes cease. - Jean Paul Richter

    You can leave the weapons or leave the station. Odo

    Convert or Die!... oh, yeah, that's REAL tolerant

    Beat me! Whip me! Make me return to XMODEM!

    Quarks Used Spaceships - Honest Deals With A Friendly Ferengi Smile

    Yo! Picard raps...

    Xerox & Wurlitzer merged...now making reproductive organs.

    I hate dogs! Hush, and eat what's put in front of you!

    He that lives on hope will die fasting.

    E-mail returned to sender -- insufficient voltage

    Qmodem saved my Life! I used it to download Boyan 5.0!

    LaQuinta-in Spanish means "Right next to Denny's"

    Never assume villainy when mere incompetence suffices.

    Using "literally" with slang terms should reduce your wages if you write for a living.

    Yo' momma's nails is so long they're like Freddy Krugeur's

    Cheap items aren't valuable, and valuable items aren't cheap

    Next: Tribbles Klingon style, on "Yan Can Cook"!

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Thu Jun 15 01:01:26 2023
    Oooh, Toto, I don't think we're in DOS any more.

    BiModem is like Madonna, goes both ways and chats!

    * &lt;- Tribble j &lt;- Tribble wearing a condom

    Bill Clinton was born with a silver corn cob in his WHAT?

    * &lt;- Tribble o &lt;- Tribble with a haircut.

    Vegetinting - Taking items from a salad bar to make your plate colorful

    V_o^o_V Cursors! Foiled Again!

    Nothing is more convenient than a good friend.

    Oh, this is the L&M moment - Crow

    A closed mouth says nothing wrong!

    MOM'S HINT #367: Discourage grown kid's from writing a tell-all book

    Zombies aren't dead. They're just "living impaired"

    Een schip op het strand is een baken in zee

    A pleasure I'm.....I'm sure. - Bashir

    Crito, I owe a cock to Asclepius; will you remember to pay the debt? -- Socrates' last words

    Junior, quit playing with your diskettes!!

    "I was staring straight into the shining sun" -Floyd

    I have Cary Grant Karma! The Tick

    Kill the wabbit! Kill the wabbit! Kill the wabbit!

    Bermuda: Must be where the grass grows...it sure ain't here

    Everything needs a little oil now and then

    U2 will become one with the Borg. We like Bono.

    My job is to give you only the tinest of tastes - John De Lancie

    Don't say during sex:"Would you go down on me?"

    Hell is empty, for all the devils are here. - Shakespeare

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Fri Jun 16 01:01:30 2023
    Just for the record, it's B-U-T-L-E-R, not B-O-T-L-E-R. - Jack Butler

    We don't get to live happily ever after. - Duncan MacLeod

    The world will end at midnight, 12:30 in Newfoundland.

    She's hot and arm? Shush, but so are French Devo!

    Pandemonium doesn't reign here... It pours!

    UmI guess it's too late to plead insanity, right? - TEC

    * &lt;-- Tribble % &lt;-- Tribble neighbors.

    Kidfusion - When a mom mumbles off kids names till she ge

    I've changed it to 'Trust Everyone', didn't I tell you? - Mulder

    El la Placido Domingo, ay Carmen Miranda - Crow

    Zen Buddhist Pizza: "Make me one with everything!"

    Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work. -- Flaubert

    Error reading drive Z: NOW What?

    Kira! I heard phaser fire! Odo

    Doesn't anyone in this galaxy do anything other than appear on chat shows?

    Ventriloquists do it without moving their lips.

    Sure drinking kills brain cells, but only the weak ones.

    Don't drop that carrier on my.. CLUNK, OWWW!

    Politicians do it without your permission.

    Enema (def.) - not a friend.

    I can't diet for medical reasons, it makes me HUNGRY!

    "Count me in on the journey, don't expect me to stay" -Floyd

    Make sure brain is in gear before engaging mouth

    Backup not found: (A)bort (R)etry (S)hoot the damn thing! -=-

    Goning cheep... Spellling cheker, nver uzded,

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Sat Jun 17 01:01:24 2023
    Ridiculous of Borg: Resistance in futile, you will laugh.

    JABBA - BION: Believe It Or Not

    Muir's Law: When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to the universe

    'Kat Fan!!!!!!!

    Uh huh......"nu -k $USER".. no problem....sure thing

    Que sera, synthetic: What will be, will be artificial.

    Pain is the touchstone of spiritual progress.

    I didnt need a glove to kill your bitch of a mother-Freddy Kruger

    Real sysops know how to spell.

    SeaWorld Concession Stand: Today's Special - Fish Sandwich $1.99

    Pyrotechnicnicians DO IT with a blast.

    Quantum Leap Virus: One day your PC is a laptop, next it's a

    Keep your teen off the phone...Call a BBS

    "Bother" said Pooh as he swallowed the Coke can

    A billion here, a billion there, it's not _real_ money

    You have it floored in neutral.

    * Four-poster bed, 101 years old. Perfect for antique lover

    He knows not but he knows not he knows not: he is a fool, shun him.

    FUNNY BOOK = Whatchamacallit!: Thingum Bob

    Klingons need love too! Messy but true!

    Virgin, n. - Someone who only has sex once

    Freedom rings where opinions clash.

    Liberals vote with their hearts, Conservatives vote with their brains.

    My Lost Causes - By Noah Veil

    Put *that* in your tag line and smoke it!

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Sun Jun 18 01:01:28 2023
    THAT is an EVIL snicker me man

    Like blue thunder's quotes ;)

    XSP: eXecute Systems Programmer

    I'm a visual aid. I make vision a pleasure.

    Just who do you think you are, Pierce? - Henry Blake

    XRS'ing at &lt;Falcon System&lt;

    Microsoft plays with themselves. - Philippe Kahn

    URA Redneck If Ur wife beats you at arm wrestling

    Sunday, Monday, Happy Days! -- Mike Nelson

    "Danger! Beer Gut!" -- Tom Servo

    No more I love yous

    There are more planes in the ocean than ships in the sky

    You may be redneck if you show your belt buckle when asked for I.D.

    Yo momma so fat she cant reach her back pocket.

    Foolproof operation. [Translation All parameters are hard coded]

    For Maximum Attention, Just make a MISTAKE

    Get the new FLO-BEE do-it-yourself home sex change kit!

    A wino asked me for change... I gave him my shirt

    Funny thing... the harder I work, the luckier I get.

    VENI, VIPI, VICI - I came; I'm a very important person; I conquered

    Backup Not Found: A)bort, R)etry, C)ry

    A bachelor is one never says, "I'll Give You A Ring Tomorrow!"

    Everywhere you turn, seems like the Kilrathi are there. - Rollins

    Read the docs. If that doesn't work, follow them

    Ferrengi do it economically.

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Mon Jun 19 01:15:26 2023
    XID: Exchange Instructions with Data

    Set the hook! Play him! - Tom as girl flirts

    Ura Redneck if You call your father 'Uncle Dad'.

    James Anteater Brown: the aardest varking man in show biz

    The Empath: Ophelia Sadness

    Voice come from cow on wall

    Voice(Lynn_Minmei) = fingernails + Black(board);

    Before you kill a politician, pick his pocket

    Quick! Make a wish! It has a chance to come true.

    Nature lies

    Learn about the Force, @TOFIRST@!

    ZModem.... Big BITS, Nice BAUD, Tight ASCII.

    Does Geordi LaForge undress women with his visor?

    Keyboard error : Please do not press that button again.

    Gee, what's that ticking sound?

    So the bartender lived. Hahaha - the bartender never gets killed

    User Friendly, if you don't use it - its friendly.

    XOR: eXecute OpeRator

    ENEMA.....Someone who is not your friend

    The Nagus wouldn't dream of excluding you, Brother. Rom

    Locked the danged hanger in the car. Lucky I had the keys

    A-HA- You really bought the whole line, didn't you, kid? - Aahz

    Report to Sickbay, Mr @LN@!

    Emoticon: 7:^] Ronald Regan?

    VALLEY-DOS: Delete File? (F)er sure. (N)o way, dude. (H)uh?

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Tue Jun 20 01:01:28 2023
    Zebra: 25 sizes larger than an A bra

    Disclaimer: all typos were committed by my evil twin

    Error reading A, B, C, and D. (I'm screwed...)

    PC SPEAK&gt; Boring: Differently interesting.

    Never say "Uh-oh" - always say "Ah, interesting..."

    JOZXYQK - The sound made when you get your sexual organs

    Blonde VS the Panama Canal? The Panama Canal is a busy ditch

    Politicaly Correct Planned Abortion..Kill a Protestor.

    * &lt;- Good Tribble * &lt;- His Evil Tribble Twin, Skippy

    Que sera, scribble: What will be, can't write.

    ZEBRA: A sports-model Horse!!!

    Life is a tragedy when seen in close up, but a comedy in long shot. - Charlie Chaplin

    Xerox & Wurlitzer merged...now making reproductive organs.

    Let me know if there's some other way we can screw up tonight.

    Lwaxana hit by friendly fire: Worf makes a Woof Goof.

    Line noise provided by Telecom!

    Que sera, surrender: What will be, will give up.

    BartBoard: I am not a 32 year old woman

    Ura Redneck if you give away more free puppies then the Humane Society

    Oh, didn't you know that? I could've sworn that you did

    The most popular labour-saving device today is still a husband with money

    Oxymoron: Only Choice.

    FFFFFFFtt... hold it right there! (Kramer)

    I've spoken to a live psychic;the dead ones are more fun!

    Xibo is evil! In a good way, though

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Wed Jun 21 01:01:22 2023
    Yo mama so fat her neck looks like a pair of hot dogs!

    Ward, the Beaver blew up the Dairy Queen again!

    "Bother" said Pooh, reaching around Owl's waist to adjust his condom.

    Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves. -- Thomas Carlyle

    My modem is Baroque. Please call Bach later.

    A Fax/Data modem lets a computer see, hear and talk!

    NEWS! Something went wrong in jet crash, experts says

    A person with one watch knows what time it is; a person with two watches is never sure. Proverb

    What do you call those? Flavius Maximus

    URA Redneck if your wading boots double as dress pants

    Hey Bill!If I'm so rich, why am I still working?

    VIRUS ERROR: Windoze found. You're in enough trouble already

    Deleted file CLINTON.SYS... USA program restarted.

    Zenocide: the killing of ancient philosophers.

    No! Not the chocolate-ripple! #*%&&& NO DERRIERE

    Nuclear bombs...may they rust in peace!

    Virgin, n.: An ugly third grader

    To the late night double feature picture show, in the back row

    BEWARE - Tagline Thief Tomasek is in this echo!

    Xmas Carol &gt;&gt; Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel...Barney's the king of Israel.

    Never review the troops until you know whose troops they are

    You don't need Windows 95 to corrupt a politician

    Old age is not for sissies. (Niven's Law #19)

    Your following me around isn't going to help my paranoia.

    Whats the difference between an idiot and a smoker? Ans. NOTHING!

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Thu Jun 22 01:01:26 2023

    MOM'S HINT #190: Volunteer for class trips.

    Bad Band Name #305: The Well Hungarians

    * &lt;- Tribble *10010110 &lt;- Tribbles & Bits

    Caution! - Bug squashing in progress.

    Washington: it ain't YOUR money! - Rush Limbaugh

    "Knowledge is the raw material which experience converts into wisdom."

    VDP: Violate Design Parameters

    IFR: I follow roadsigns

    Condom Nickname: hog holster

    OSCAR birds don't have feathers!

    XMS: Xtraordinarily Meaningless Specification

    Simpler to beg forgiveness than ask permission!

    LISP hackers do it with rplacd.

    You do know that I'm a Real Vampire right??? "D"

    Evil dwells in moist places

    Quick! Close Mind before Useful Information can get in

    CAMFU = Computer Addicts Foster Modem Usage

    (%%%) Baseball smiley(((( ( ( ((((( IN STEREO )))) ) ) )))

    I was swimming in the haze now i crawl on the ground -- NIN

    Keep Grandma off the streets - legalize bingo.

    Press &lt;F something or other&gt; to continue

    "How are you going to pay for that" -- Rimmer

    "Logic is little tweeting bird chirping in meadow." - Spock

    URA Redneck if you own 15 roosters, but no hens.

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Fri Jun 23 01:01:28 2023
    We are all made of star dust

    Only the dumb envy the talkative. &lt;Gibran&gt;

    BattleCrab BattleCrab BattleCrab BattleCrab BattleCrab BattleCrab :)

    Healthy Choice: 1/2 the fat and none of the taste.

    A man's best friend is his BBS

    Dying is easy; it's living that scares me.--Annie Lennox

    Sarek understands my reason. Spock

    "I thought a king can do whatever he wants!" --Simba

    He who laughs first hasn't been told the terrible truth

    Liar, Liar! Pants on Fire!

    Eye Con: (n) Person able to make direct visual contact while lying.

    OK, Leah @TOLAST@, let's see your Tagline hunting permit!

    * &lt;- After hair club for Tribbles . &lt;- Before hair club.

    Porsche: Puts Out Really Smoky Carbonate Hazardous Emissions

    We're old enough to smell bad. - Butt-Head

    Voyager: to boldly go where EVERYONE has been before.

    !Wh!o wa!lked ac!ross my! t!agline! w!ith mu!dd!y !feet?!

    Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not after me

    Just say "NO!" to the New World Order, and shout "YES!" to Jesus!!

    Cannot access COLDBEER.CAN Sysop not loaded!!!

    Firmware: Software with permanent bugs hardwired into it

    They say you never see the snack with your name on it. -- Crow

    He's that most dangerous of creatures: a clever sheep. M. Python

    Have you hugged your fire lizard today?

    Understandable this place is. Then we get visitors

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Sat Jun 24 01:01:20 2023
    Bad news on the doorstep, molds, and with a starship?


    Get the barbarian in the corner another drink, QUICK!

    Zathras ask if anyone out there? -- Zathras

    JKB said! My Cat goes "Cat-Blanche"--it's the "Cats-Meoowww!"

    JAMAICAN BOBSLEDDERS do it poorly, but they make movies about it anyway.


    Confucius say: Man who eats photo of father, soon spitting image of father.

    Tell Mericus I'd like to see him. - Kirk

    XT5000 Ramjet Super-Configured Ltd. Edition -Tom on robot

    Q, my only regret is dying and finding YOU here. Picard

    A leading authority is someone who guessed correctly

    Rush Lio Board

    Oh, yes. We'll put him to sleepPERMANENTLY!- Freddy Krueger

    (A)bort, (R)etry, (I)nfluence with large heavy object?

    Maybe this is titilating to some of the lower animals. -- Nelson

    Love of money is the root of all evil. --Proverbs

    Romulans: Give 'em an inch and they'll take the whole yardstick

    Vindows uber Alles! - Adolf Gates

    * &lt;-- Tribble * &lt;-- Tribble beaming up

    Jeez, you start havin' fun, they send in the lawyers!t

    Well you're bigger, tougher, meaner, rougher

    Quark's Rule #286: When Morn leaves, it's all over.

    Just in. UFO takes @TO@... More after the orgy

    Onko Internetin j{lkeist{ el{m{{?

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Sun Jun 25 01:01:24 2023
    ZIP ads are lame Lame LAME! - Far Out - Sysop of RSC

    She's gettin' even, I'm gettin' odd

    URA Redneck if when you kissed your bride your John Deere cap fell off.

    Let the people call me naive, I believe

    DEBUG: raid used to spray keyboards

    You've never seen the hand of God before?!

    Hangin in, Hangin out, and Hangin on

    You're dead, this is the afterlife -- and I'm God. - Q

    Virginia law forbids bathtubs in the house; tubs must be kept in the yard.

    Volume in drive C: is TOO LOUD!

    OW! Quit it. OW! Quit it. OW! Quit it. OW! Quit it.

    Yo mama so stupid she took a spoon to the super bowl.

    'Or was it unlock the safe *then* swim to the surface?' - H. Houdini

    Just an amoeba in the Petri dish of life.

    PPTSPAHS Please Pass The Salt, Pepper And Hot Sauce

    Leaves are falling all around, it's time I was on my way -Zep

    Vince Arenas AVLC^2 * E-Mail to: vinceavl@bcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us

    (A)bort, (R)etry, (S)crew things up real good.

    ERROR #6060: TagLines aren't funny. Operator taken out back and shot

    Old musicians never die. They just decompose!

    Go for younger men. You might as well-- they never mature anyway

    Smoking these Taglines could be hazardous to your health

    Thinking outside the box.

    URA Redneck if you prefer to _walk_ the excess length off your jeans.

    Jim watches in amazement as Spock's ears sprout broccoli.

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Mon Jun 26 01:08:50 2023
    Help! I'm an abused tagline - need a new user immediately.

    ZfOg "just kidding" doesn't make it okay to insult the Principal.

    Zaphod Beeblebrox, this is a very large drink

    A Kat is easier to train than a man

    Vesele' Va'noce a s~t~astny' novy' rok! -Czech Christmas

    A straw vote only shows which way the hot air blows. -- O'Henry

    Unsafe toys for Cmas: Ooh- You're Blue!, the Hold-Your-Breath Game

    Rule of Aquisition #7: Keep your ears open

    AD&D Error: Keeping your magical items within reach of children

    Jedi to hot dog vendor: "Make me one with everything"

    Virtue would go far if vanity did not keep it company. -- La Rochefoucauld

    CyberDweeb...Redundant name for a programmer.

    Be warned, you are being watched by the Tal Shiar!

    No, *I* am stuck here with *you*

    A cat will blink when struck with a hammer.

    "Many years ago, I climbed the mountains, even though it is forbidden."

    X minus 6 weeks and counting.

    I get warm all over when you get close to me.

    Kamikaze Paranomasiac each pun a killer

    Jimi Hendrix rules!!!

    Meteorologists DO IT unpredictably.

    ZS Here's a couple of Tribble tags I just thought of:

    Bad Advertising: Kennedy Bulletproof Vests.

    Clay, it's for you - Frank on phone call

    fOO |i++lE $Ex aIIEcf$ YOUr EyE$ig++f....

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Tue Jun 27 01:01:22 2023
    Just in. UFO takes @TOLAST@... More after the Hockey game

    Zinc: Where you wash your face.

    One of the things we can do to help the poor is not to become one of them

    VIKING.COM corrupt: (R)ape (L)oot (P)illage

    * &lt;- Tribble @U*++------o &lt;- Top Fuel Class Tribble

    You may be redneck if your father refers to you as "Bubba, Jr."

    Embarras de brichesses: unzipped.

    OOCH! OUCH! OW! Crack vials underfoot! - Outland

    PUNNY BOOK = Maritime Disasters: Andrea Doria.

    (Q) What's up? (A) I think it's a direction.

    Gonna go buy some more vermicelli - Mike

    Ever caught ya'self reading taglines and skipping messages?

    Q: What does it say at the top of a Polish ladder? A: "STOP"

    Kitty, give me that mou...&lt;slurp&gt;....nevermind!!!

    Quietly Consume Excrement and Cease to Exist, Please.

    SHORTEST BOOK: What To Do With Finger Paints


    VW drivers pick up hitch-hikers to atone for the sins of the Third Reich!

    Virtual reality is not virtually real!

    JKB said! Sea Cats prefer "Cat-Amarans"--they're the "Cats-Meoowww!"

    Zip up, Dick. -- Harley Stone

    Shhhh! The Canadiens game is on!

    Jesus Saves, but with Hasek in net, He's trade bait.

    You're under arrest for possession of a stolen tagline!

    Messages by professional don't try this at home

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Wed Jun 28 01:01:26 2023
    Our world: A 8000 mile in diameter spherical pile of dirt

    ZAPPA: Tax the churches!!!!!

    Vivian Tse said "OJ and Barney" While Staring amazedily at SPAM!

    Fate had tried to conceal him by naming him Williams.

    Zaphod Beeblebrox in `96! Two heads are better than one!

    Yo'momma so fat when she steps on a scale it read one at a time, please.

    Liberalism - society's version of a computer virus.

    Ze human spirit, it is a hard thing to kill. Even with a chainsaw.

    Ever dreamed that you were awake... And were TIRED the next day?

    "Bother," said Pooh, as he tried to install Windows'95

    WYSLRN: What You See Looks Really Neat [describes the Andrew ez editor]

    We need more unemployed politicians.

    You'd be good on Televisionthen I could turn you off.

    We need perfection in our lives We need *perfect* Taglines!

    No - I have not grown roots into this chair!

    Your time has run out!, Insert coin to continue

    You're a NetHack addict if... You're running out of names for your pet.

    $5.00 rebate on your next tagline purchase.

    Just in. UFO takes Orville... More after the League game.

    Life with pets is never dull.

    Power (L)user!

    Law of Combat: Try to look unimportant D the enemy may be low on ammo

    This is Fonzie of Borg. Prepare to be assimilated... heyyyyy! Whoooaaaa!!!!

    Guru to Deli man: Make me one with everything.

    Hey, Beavis and Butt-head, I'm NOT laughing.

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Thu Jun 29 01:01:20 2023
    You march to the beat of a different drum.

    Captain's Log: stardate... um, does anyone know the date?

    Just fill out one simple form to win an IRS Audit!

    Life without caffeine is stimulating enough. -- Sanka Ad

    oh my beautiful liar oh my precious whore

    I gotta get my life some writers. - Calvin

    Maybe you two could settle this another time! - Kira

    Fantasies are dreams from the heart.

    You're at Witt's End

    Help me, I'm stuck in here! - A Tagline

    Hick's sign - a mark placed on someone from the hicks

    Oh, I suck! - Homer

    EXCLUSIVE! - Polish Scientists have spanked someone elses monkey

    Book Title: Lawyers of Suffering: Grin and Barrett

    Earth: A solid substance, much desired by the seasick.

    Get in WAR with the people of HARDCORE

    Oh sure! Bu

    NOW, dammit, you'll tell me the truth AND pronounce the letter 'O'!!

    Love is an act of faith, and whoever is of little faith is also of little love. - Erich Fromm

    OLD PACIFISTS never die, they just go to peaces.

    Do not hurt or kill any life unless absolutely necessary.

    XEROX never comes up with something original

    Terrifying sysadmin comment: "My leave starts tomorrow."

    Kira: "I feel I owe you an apolgy." Sisko: "For attempted mutiny?"

    Ever notice...garbage weighs more than groceries?

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Fri Jun 30 01:01:24 2023
    FIDO lie #07 I've won debates in both GUNS and ANIMAL_RIGHTS.

    Life is but a dream.

    Oklhoma, we messed up the name, just like everything else in the state.

    Now, just lay across my lap...my little redheaded sex pot!!

    Hopp in de Kopp und du fhlst dich topp!

    Xmas Carol &gt;&gt; We three kings of porridge and tar

    Yes, son. There was a time when people read their mail on-line

    XMAS!....Put Christ back in Christmas..and have a merry one!

    The sun is ris, the sun is set, and here I is in Florida yet.


    Oh - I see you brought some friends. - Butt-Head

    Zi Dingir Kia Kanpa!

    Tagline theft successful. Use immediately? Y/N

    The world is divided between victims and predators and you have to defend yourself against both

    Boggs: I'd a known you lied

    "Bother!" said Pooh, as Hannibal ate his liver with a nice Chianti.

    JABBA - OIC: Oh, I see

    Error: BASEBALL.BAT caused a fault in module WINDOW

    Q: "How plead you?" Wayne and Garth: "We're not worthy!"

    Even if I deny it, no one will believe me!

    Next time you wave use all your fingers

    What the heck is he saying?! - Crow on garbled dialogue

    Pressure's up, but there's a slow leak somewhere.

    XT/8 Mhz = 386/25 Mhz + Windose !!! 08 May 95

    I am a great believer in luck - the harder I work, the more I have of it

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Sat Jul 1 01:01:18 2023
    Like the view? It's all yours for a small price

    Bill and Ted meet Wayne and Garth... EXCELLENT! NOT!

    Learn 3 clean jokes. - H. Jackson Brown Jr

    Q to Picard: Morning darling! [They are both in bed.]

    A man who hates cats and children can't be all bad

    Bash her?! No, I said Bashir! Stop hitting Jadzia!

    Unlucky: Your fairy godmother says that the ball was last night.

    Xyzzy -- nothing happens

    Oxymoron: nuclear safety

    I'm gonna track my husband. He left without my permission

    Be bold in what you stand for and careful who you fall for.

    US non sequitur society--we don't make sense, but we sure like pizza.

    Borger King: Have it our way, your way is irrevelant

    Veni, Vidi, Vilify: I Came, I Saw, I Cursed

    Lie: The program is bug free.

    Quarantine: Traditional four-masted plague ship.

    SEX, the breakfast of champions !

    N-O-I-S-E The Conservative Voice -

    Darnit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a barber. -- Duck Trek

    Humans with a Vulcan! You're from the future! Gary Seven

    Pentium slogan: It's a feature, not a bug.

    BENJI!! Don't play in traffic!! *bark*bar#$#$@ NO TERRIER

    Virginity: A curable congenital defect

    & &lt;:======= -Snake stalking ampersand

    Please change your programs accordingly

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Sun Jul 2 01:01:22 2023
    Unable to spell "vomitus", @FN@ swallowed his pride

    Slave screams, he has something to say - NIN

    A man must break his back to earn his day of leisure

    URA Redneck If Ur will states all your posessions be sold at auction.

    Marge Robbins is to moderators what mosquitos are to campers

    We've got a dangerous child running this country. - Rush Limbaugh

    Oxymoron: vacant dwelling

    You know, in this light you remind me a lot of my second wife's daughter

    Kira: Mr Armstrong wwill you sstop polishing mmmy commbadge?!

    LOSER in the echos!

    A fly on my pizza?! - Um, actually, it's an olive fragment.

    Kira just needs a good hug. Then again, maybe not.

    ZS Here's a couple of Tribble tags I just thought of:

    Useless Invention: Digital computer.

    Just when you think you can relax... there's Fra Angelico

    Uses his head to keep the rain out of his neck.

    Quit laughing. I'm trying to humiliate you - Crow

    We dare defend out rights.

    XMAS Personality Disorder::Better Watch Out, I'm Gonna Cry, I'm Gonna Pout, Maybe I'll tell you why.

    Every baby born into the world is a finer one than the last. (Charles Dickens)

    Bad DM: You're rolling *10D20* for random encounters!?

    dicot weeds: Curly Dock, Dandelion, Coast Dandelion, Dichondra

    One cannot go against the will of God. Paul Muad'dib

    Xochiquetzal, Goddess of Marriage and Magic

    I survived torture. I'm ready to date Lwaxana. - Picard

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Mon Jul 3 01:10:08 2023
    Relax! We're not laughing with you, we're laughing AT you

    My life has become one big GEDCOM!!!

    Law of the Yukon: Only the lead dog gets a change of scenery

    Don't leave in a huff. Make it a minute and a huff. - Groucho Marx

    Keep the slimy side down.

    Yo'momma so old she be older than the wood her peg-leg was made out of.

    Waddya mean FIRED?!

    The Unfinished Tagl

    E. coli Happens

    Q: What was the blonde psychic's greatest achievment? A: An IN-body experience!

    We are being invaded by an exceptionally strong power probe. - Spock

    The computer simulator was more orderly @ Worf

    Kirby's Comment on Committee: A committee is the only life form&lt;&gt;with 12 stomachs and no brain

    Newspaper taxis appear at the shore waiting to take you away. -Beatles

    Free dog, raised with chicken, ducks and children, all of which enjoys.

    Rick knows *things* about *stuff*!!

    Gave myself a hot foot - Mike after hazing himself

    "I like ragged margins," said Tom without justification.

    Y bother with games that aren't worth the CD they are on!!

    "Hw's Sarek?" Kirk

    Don't tell me. Tuesday. Kirk

    Look for the ridiculous in everything and you'll find it

    "Flyin' back from Lubbock I saw Jesus on the plane..." - Don Henley

    Good: Your neighbor exercises in the nude. Bad: He weighs 350 pounds.

    Lawyer = an individual whose principal role is to protect his clients from others of his profession,

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Tue Jul 4 01:01:20 2023
    What's wrong with a waiting period before you publish a newspaper, while the government checks the facts?

    Economy isn't in a recession, it's "growth-challenged"

    Q: How do you describe a blonde, surrounded by drooling idiots? A: Flattered

    Fashion Faux Pas -- Ankle bracelets AND corn pads

    Three kinds of lies: Lies, Damned Lies, & Press Releases

    His act warrents death. Spock-2 re Chekov-2

    URA Redneck If Ur mother genuinely admires your girlfriends tattoos

    A cartrated hog says, ruint, ruint, ruint!

    How's that thought for you?

    Veni, Vidi, Vice-versa...I came, I saw, I saw, I came

    Hint for Mom: Point out that your granddaughter has your eyes

    The sand is like a razor/Slashing at my face...  Utopia's "Caravan" 

    Maybe it went with the cup and spoon...:)

    You know it's serious, when the walls want to be "close to you"

    Kwyjibo..a big dumb balding North American ape..with no chin.. - Bart

    Hey, who spilled coffee on my keyboard?!

    * &lt;-- Tribble -*- &lt;-- Flying Tribble

    MACINTOSH = Machine Always Crashes If Not The Operating System Hangs

    One shaft of light that shows the way, No mortal man can win this day. - Queen

    Hehehehehe.2400 bps sucks! Huh Ahuhhuhhuh - V.Bis and Baudhead

    XGA users, it's time to upgrade.

    Clinton had a reality check. It bounced.

    &lt;|-) User is Chinese

    Most computer problems are caused by a loose nut between the chair and the keyboard

    Liberalism -- society's version of a computer virus.

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Wed Jul 5 01:01:24 2023
    You are a computer nerd if you thought the real heroes of "Apollo 13" were the mission controllers

    "Has anyone figured out who's invading us?"

    Error - REALITY.SYS not found, install TREK.SYS? (Y,N)

    The only good feminizt is terminally inconvenienced

    Liberals are a Labour-saving device

    So close to finding freedom, then the guard calls my name

    Garlic? Mama mia! Have you got the wrong vampire!

    Kayaker Motto: I surf, therefore I am

    Q shows up in something other than a captain's uniform - 3 drinks!

    Don't eat for say, 2 or 3 weeks, Get stoned & go to the supermarket

    A Bachelor is a man who: is allergic to wedding cakes

    Difference between a virus and Windows: A virus never fails

    U'NI-net Host sysop@ledge.com

    Just leave this long-haired country boy alone

    Que sera, saccharin: What will be, will cause cancer.

    Daaaaaaavvvvveeeeee....2001's Hal, using Windows 3.1

    Error Opening CLINTON.LIE - Run LIMBAUGH.BAT To Correct.

    How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless hound.

    Scrupulous accuracy about such a small amount is a sign of vain conceit than love of truth. -- Ptolemaus Ptolemy

    Zippy the Pinhead in '96! "Am I elected yet?"

    Good memories are what your heart carries in its pockets.

    Zippy the Wonder Falcon (Zephyr Falcon)

    Kids are gonna do it. Let's help them shoot safely!

    Zathras no good a typing on normal keyboard, need bent one at home as well

    XXXX Don't panic.. it's only a virus XXXX

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Thu Jul 6 01:01:20 2023
    "Heisenberg may have slept here"

    Men rattle their chains to show that they are free

    Murphy's Law of Sex #21. Sow your wild oats on Saturday night -- then on S

    Unix is not only dead, it's starting to smell bad. - Rob Pike

    No intelligent life here, Scotty - beam me up!

    Lucy in the Sky with Taglines....Lucy in the Sky

    You can have a funeral any old time. -- Albert Rosenfeld


    Forty-two? Seven and a half million years and all you can come up with is forty-two?!

    Flowers are red, and green leaves are green... - Harry Chapin

    Danger, Brandon Wolgast! Off-topic messages! Danger!

    Dinner to bug. - O'Brien to Kira.

    QOTD: Sex is the most fun you can have without laughing

    "Being cold is what keeps me alive." - 007 (Golden Eye)

    Pain is inevitable. Misery, however, is an option.

    Juxtaposition of gender and an amphibian briefcase is funny? - Data

    Ve iz too soon old, undt too late schmart!

    Just one of the boys with an IQ of 2005 - Q

    VGA Planets: "The old trick to use the same Fcode your enemy forgot"

    A)bort S)elf destruct R)etry L)oad Gun F)ail

    "Its swell for tearing up fragile ecosystems! Watch!" -- Joel

    What? I'm missing "Grace Under Fire"! #@%&*@* NO CARRIER

    XXXXXXXX ++appy ++olidays XXXXXXXX

    I know I'm not perfect but I'm so close it scares me!

    "I'm having trouble navigating." T'Jon

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Fri Jul 7 01:01:24 2023
    I think that ALL Moderators should be Shot at Dawn!

    Oh, don't be ridiculous! -- Tom Servo

    My great dream is that I've won all the beauty contests in the world and all the people I don't like are forced to build me a castle in France

    XXX-Rated Tagline...Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to see!

    Q: Amanda is WHAT?!

    Jury:Group chosen to decide who has the best lawyer

    JABBER - It doesn't use much space, but WHAT a READER!

    I ain't going out like dat

    Yes Dear!! I'll be done after the next meg worth of personal messages.

    User: The hardest-to-setup PC peripheral you can buy

    Hut one! Hut two! Hut three! Help? (NYJ Quarterback call)

    * &lt;- Tribble & &lt;- Tribble.ZOO

    OPPORTUNITY, n. A favorable occasion for grasping a disappointment.

    Def: Explorer: A hobo with experience.

    They'll be no Tribble at all!

    Yo'momma so old she still owes Moses a quarter!

    Very well then... prepare to die. :) - Dire Wolf

    Let us eat and drink; for tomorrow we shall die. - Isaiah 22:13

    Geco's got a one-way ticket on the Disoriented Express.

    R/O, R/O, R/O your boat gently down the bitstream.

    Famous Last Words #38: "I pay my taxes in copper pieces"

    Zmodem: Big BITS, nice BAUD, and a tight ASCII.

    SC: Shred Cards

    "He's marvelous!" "He's wonderful!" "He's Fred."

    QBDH: Quit and Become a DeadHead

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Sat Jul 8 01:01:28 2023
    Qfront - It's Not Just For Mailruns Anymore

    Well, Top, you're the only one still wasting good air.

    Can anybody think of a good Tagline I can steal?

    Heterosexuality is overpopulating the world

    Let the guilty pay, it's Independence Day!

    To err is humor

    X-rated tagline, press Ctrl-Alt-Del to see

    Q-Blue: the first offline reader worthy of the Amiga.

    Virginia is for lovers, but Pensylvania has INTERCOURSE!

    Palindrome - Lepers repel.

    Sailors. Men locked up in floating steel boxes.

    Finland because he doesn't wear pants

    "Bother", said Pooh, as a Batarang hit him in the head

    What's this? `Pantless Mototcycle Repair'? -- Crow

    Not tonight dear. Why do you think I bought you that damned modem?


    XXXXXXXXX >>Taglines, Anyone??<< XXXXXXXX

    The experiments bite. -- Crow T. Robot

    Q: Why don't blondes make good pharmacists? A: They can't get the bottle into the typewriter

    Kidnapped - By Caesar Quick

    PENTIUM SLOGAN: Why Do You Think It's Called *Floating* Point?

    Q: Why do all blondes all have a dimple on their chin and a flat forehead? A: Finger on chin-I don't know. Hits forehead-Oh I get it!

    Programming halted! Star Trek's on!

    Put nail here [+] for new monitor

    I never read any of those books. Kira

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Sun Jul 9 01:01:22 2023
    GALILEO: Nevertheless, I still move.

    Ur momma so fat, she cums from both sides of the family!!!!!

    ZPDUDA: Zippity doo dah

    my disease my infection i am so impure

    MALTESE AMOEBA activates Mar 15th

    Oh, bother, said Winnie the Pooh, as Cthulhu rose up and ate him.

    Un clavier KGB n'a pas de touche &lt;ESC&lt;

    Never argue with a fool, a passerby can't tell you apart.

    I can only trust you, And they've taken you away from me-FM to DS

    Lawyer jokes: Lawyers don't like them, no-one else thinks they're joke

    A diplomat these days is nothing but a head waiter who's allowed to sit down occasionally. - Sir Peter Ustinov

    Dragon: Creature uncomfort.

    Q: What's black & white and comes in a small can? A: Mic

    Hi! I brought your new script pages -Tom as guy drives up

    Help make the world a happier place, torture Barney to death.

    Zero K memory.

    The Empath - By Ophelia Sadness

    VANNA WHITE - _. _. _

    "Excuse me. What does God need with a starship?" - Kirk

    Press any key... But I don't have an 'any' key??

    Quick! Change your password! The Sysop's hacked your account!

    Kirk: "It's Ensign Pencil!" Bones: "He's Lead, Jim!."

    (a)bort, (r)etry, (c)all for help

    "Definitely a Rebel Deep Diving lure for early spring" -- Crow

    VOLCANIC ERUPTION : New Zealand duck hunting method.

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Mon Jul 10 01:10:08 2023
    My Boring Career - By A. Driller

    There are lies, damn lies and statistics. -- Samuel Clemens

    Def: PEDOPHILE: Someone who collects pedos

    * &lt;- Tribble o &lt;- Fat Tribble O &lt;- Really Fat Tribble

    You know you're a Redneck if you call your father, 'Uncle Dad'.

    Exciting Things To Do In Worcester

    Law of Revelation: The hidden flaw never remains hidden.

    kernel panic: write-only-memory (/dev/wom0) capacity exceeded. -- The BOFH excuse server


    Beware, Pink Boys, the frop in the Pipe of Bob!

    Purple haze, all in my brain - Hendrix

    I've seen the pain, the hate, and death without a reason.

    My other vehicle is the Death Star

    REALITY.SYS Corrupt: Reboot Universe (y/N)?

    VAGRANTS do it everywhere.

    * &lt;-- Tribble * &lt;-- McTribble sandwich

    REFORM: Recycled Former Members (Tories).

    Ura Montanan if yer truck has every color offered for that model year.

    Honesty, n. - The fear of being caught

    Kiss a Klingon today !

    Headline: Sun to Darken Much of America

    Famous Last Words: I take the wizard's wand, and snap it in two

    "*I'm* not the one who fell under the spell of Zor..." -The Regent

    To learn new words, phone your moderator at 3 a.m.

    Quod Sic Et Cetera Pluribus Per Annum -The Pope to Clinton -D. Barry

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Tue Jul 11 01:01:20 2023
    Do you say you will fight me, Maab? Akaar

    User error, the universal bug

    URA Redneck If U want the national anthem to be "Free Bird."

    You're only young once, but immature forever

    Tagline Gene Sequenced! ....AGTAGTAGTAGTAGTAGTA

    Ooh. Cooshy! - Homer

    Kagel's Conclusion: Anything adjustable sooner or later needs adjusting.

    History never repeats itself. - Larry Niven

    Rule the earth


    "Is there anything you're not an expert on, 007?" - M (Goldfinger)

    Geordi, are you in pain? - Troi

    Bad lib: something you regretted saying on the spur of the moment.

    Dear John Hinckley: Bill Clinton is dating Jodie Foster. - R. Reagan

    Cap'n, this t'glin dinna' say ennythin!

    :-P Nyahhhh!

    every man be armed. Everyone who is able may have a gun. P. Henry

    Oh, come now... there's *always* room for Odo!

    XMAS DEPRESSION::::Silent Anhedonia, Holy Anhedonia, All is Flat, All is Lonely

    Remember that time is money. - Franklin

    Powerless over alcohol, our wives had become unmanageable

    Book Title: The Beach Bully: Harry Ayp

    Want to fill me in on where my brain is???

    Go 'way! You're bothering me!

    found -=Use Real Operating System=-

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
    * Origin: -=> Castle Rock BBS <=- Now Husky HPT Powered! (1:317/3)
  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Wed Jul 12 01:01:24 2023
    So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God. (Rom 8:8)

    You returned a warrior

    Out of Taglines, here's a rain check.

    Our Mission: To Boldly stay home and read mail off line.

    God has placed no limits to the exercise of the intellect he has given us, on this side of the grave. - Francis Bacon

    Hep me Rhonda, hep hep me Rhonda (Redneck Version)

    This thing is slowly taking me apart

    No one can hear when you're Screaming in Digital!

    This is Mister... This is Gath. Janeway

    Zapata - started as a mexican revolutionary, ends up as mustache !

    Oh no, I'll die if I miss 'Scooby-Doo'! - Neil, Young Ones

    Kamek-Mako Industries does not take responsibility for insanity cause by

    Kamin, can you answer me? Eline

    Clinton - All hope abandon, ye who voted for a Communist

    Mary had a little lamb; it was delicious.

    Vince McMahon of Borg: "1..2..He's assimil.. No, kickout!"

    Golfers hit their balls with shafts.

    You really are a complete smeghead, aren't you Dill?!

    I know how the game works. - Kira

    XXXXXXXXXX Better Tagines Through Assimilation XXXXXXXXXX

    Get it ? I'm Barb Wire

    Santa Clarita, CA 91350

    Confucius Say: A nudist fears no pickpocket

    Terrifying sysadmin comment: "Ooohh, lovely, it runs SVR4."

    Everything about this seems wrong. - Picard

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
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  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Thu Jul 13 01:01:18 2023
    One if by LAN, two if by C. - Paul Revere, as told by John Karwoski

    Dragons and Drakes and Wurms, oh my!!

    Grows on you, doesn't it? Almost creepy. &lt;grin&gt; - Anna Steven

    Q: What do you call a blonde with half a brain? A: Gifted.

    Old age: You stop looking forward to your next birthday.

    Combiloops - The 2-3 unsuccessful attempts at opening a combination lock

    Round up the usual suspects!

    Cinderella DOS: "Mouse driver not found - pumpkin halted

    Cling tightly to your ethics...up til you hear your price

    ACADEMY(n): modern school where football is taught

    When life hands you lemons, buy an Uzi.

    You're a Redneck If Ur porch collapses and more than 3 dogs die.

    Jumbo shrimp? Let us examine this concept more closely

    Relax, I'm on top of the situation. - 007 (Diamonds Are Forever)

    Mom asked me how long I was going to be gone. I said, "The whole time."

    Def: Bill Clinton: Elmer Fudd without the grip on reality

    Karma Cookies: Made with Honey from Blessed Bees

    You're just not Academy material. Sisko

    Mommy, Mommy! Why's everybody running? Shut up and reload

    For birds of God were meant to pair/The two to complete the whole. Koresh

    Revenue Canada employees DO IT to everyone.

    Fig Newton: The force required to accelerate a fig 39.37 inches/sec

    Coffee sprayed everywhere on this one!

    Barbycue: a queue of Barby dolls

    When encryption devices are outlawed, only EE39#PQOUDKE51275KK&!JKDXBP

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  • From CRBBS Tagline Bot@1:317/3 to All on Fri Jul 14 01:01:24 2023
    Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level, and then beat you with experience

    Email the sysop to find out how to use email

    Leave me drunk! I'm alone!!!

    Jesters do often prove prophets. &lt;Shakespeare&gt;

    I am Sam. Of Borg, I am. I will assimilate Green Eggs and Ham

    Remember: 10.0 times 0.1 is hardly ever 1.0

    Knowledge is never wasted, nor is love

    No man goes before his time. Unless the boss leaves early

    Coming Soon: Animal House Party

    File Access DENIED

    Sounds like good advice to me! Are you going to follow it?

    There are parts of me that don't get nervous... - Sisters of Mercy

    Seriousness is the refuge of the shallow

    Klingons Do It With Honor

    Life is much too complicated in the morning

    So many taglines... so little disk space

    Jesus Saves!.... Passes to Moses!.... SHOOTS! SCORES!

    Rule of Acquisition Number 111. Quark

    Q: How does a blonde measure his/her IQ? A: With a tire gauge!

    URA Redneck if you eat M&Ms...and your neck is red

    Oh, come off it, Hercules! Nemesis

    value beyond business

    Mr. Moderator, cut that guy off. Heck with warning him!

    You know, you're causing a _lot_ of trouble. - Sisko

    Clinton in '96? The fat lady _is already_ gargling!

    --- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur
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