• Tony Bennett and Singers That Did Duets With Him

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    This week's Featured Connections honor the late Tony Bennett (1926-2023), and singers
    that sang duets with him.

    I am:

    27 degrees from Tony Bennett
    27 degrees from Michael Bubl˙
    20 degrees from Natalie Cole
    24 degrees from Ella Fitzgerald
    17 degrees from Judy Garland
    23 degrees from Stefani Germanotta
    25 degrees from Josh Groban
    23 degrees from Norah Jones
    27 degrees from Diana Krall
    22 degrees from K.d. Lang
    22 degrees from Frank Sinatra

    It is always interesting to visit the past to see how we are related to each other. I have
    some ancestors that were black, bank robbers, politicians physicians, detectives, actors,
    comedians. I guess that I am a collection of all of them, as we ALL are.

    If you would like to find your connections to famous people, you can start by giving me
    some basic information by going to: https://www.hobbyline.com/genealogy_web_design.htm and click on the 'Request Form'

    I have researched the ancestry for many persons interested in their family history.

    Mike Dippel
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