• Monthly posting of the rules & guidelines for JULY 2023 (& forever beyo

    From George Pope@1:153/757 to All on Mon Jul 31 06:53:30 2023
    First off, WELCOME if you're a newcomer, or anoldcomer, recently returned; I appreciate everyonein this echo -- you're why I bother for as little as they pay me! YOU are worth it! (sure, that counts as my objoke inclusion for this post, if I want it to be it ;) )

    Say hi, share your favourite joke, rated PG-14, where you're from,. & why that place is funny; maybe a funny chjildhood story from uyour own childhood or someone you were close to,growing up? Jump in, have fun; reply to any post you read in here, should you feel the urge -- nothing you see is private. Do include funny conytent n every post, though, please (we call that an Obligatory Joke(ObJoke for short), when you add in an extra bit of funny to make up for off-topic chat content)

    Okay, enough intro, on to the main point(s) of this posting. . .

    Rules, Regulations, & Guidelines for Fidonet's FUNNY Jokes and Stories echo

    This file and the rules as per the Fido official echo description constitute our rules & regulations, binding on every user in this echo, by their participation (whether passive(reading) or active(posting); if this displeases you, you know the way you came in -- you may & should exit the same way & never return.

    Echo purpose: to hear something repeated you've just said.

    Note all are labeled #1 as they're all important --

    #1: You must (re)read these every time you see them posted by myself or another moderator, addressed to "All"

    #1: even if a rule, below, seems phrased humorously (even your mods try to stay on topic) it is a hard & fast rule, requiring your adherence

    #1: Have fun or GTFO

    #1: don't be a jackass; you're a guest in other people's home.

    #1: every post must contain funny content (text)

    #1: English(UK+CAN) is the natural language of the fully evolved human being, thus English is the echo's official language. American English is American & true English<TM> users may feel free to humorously(key) poke fun at Americanisms

    #1: grammar & punctuation is probably important -- mis-use opens yourself up to funny or punny ridicule.

    #1: leave the moderating to the moderator(s); you may not see it being done, but we work behind the scenes often. If you have a complaint, echomail or email your mods; do NOT post into the echo (unless you're following rule#1 of course,
    & being funny)

    #1: This echo is rated PG-16; i.e. content should not be overly shocking to the average 16 year old (boy or girl); no porn -- that's elsewhere in cyberspace

    #1: NO ads for products, services, echos, pages, or ANYTHING, except as you've sent to the mod, with agreed upon payment, & the mod posts it for you, following all rules.

    #1: NO auto-posting (bots); this echo is for humans; if you can fully understand these rules, you are likely human.

    #1: the mods are not responsible for any damage to your connection devices (including modems & computer & monitor) perpetrated by a moderator's use of the Freister Device (detects your personal(not BBS, not your fido upline) source system & sends proprietary signals to cause your disks, CPU, mainboard, & modem to die ("fry" from Freister, the inventor, & my friend)

    #1: You have been warned

    #1 Swearing should be kept to a minimum -- & only as befits the joke/thread -- we're adults here & should act & talk like it. If you're mixing them in randomly like salt & pepper, you're too young to be in here.

    #1: These rules should appear once a month, but regardless if you've seen or read them, you MUST follow all, or delist the echo &/or visit others (&/or make your own, even!)

    #1: We only roast the ones we love

    #1: The End (or is it?)

    Remember: Even if some jokes in here seem a bit "difficult" for you to enjoy, that humour is not universal; this echo is for everyone.

    The most important thing is:

    #1 Have fun
    #1 Include a joke in every post/reply
    #1 Keep it all PG-16

    --- BBBS/Li6 v4.10 Toy-6
    * Origin: The Rusty MailBox - Penticton, BC Canada (1:153/757)