• Just a note...

    From Janis Kracht@1:261/38 to All on Thu Oct 19 12:48:26 2023
    On Monday, 2023/10/23 I will be switching my ISP from Spectrum to ThePointBroadband.

    My email will remain as jmklou@gmail.com. My domain will remain as filegate.net, with probably a new ip address that I will plug in at ZONEEDIT as soon as it is given to me.

    If it is given to me earlier, I'll let people know in case anyone needs to use my ip address to connect here for whatever reason.

    On to a Gig feed in both directions...

    If you have problems with my email of jmklou@gmail.com you can _try_ janis@filegate.net though that address may be hosed by this change.

    Take care,

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