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    TITLe: FidoGazette Echo

    Language: ENGLISH

    This is the FidoGazette Message echo, a
    companion to the FidoGazette newsletter
    published in the FGAZETTE file echo. Topics
    can be broad here, but please remember the
    main purpose of this echo is to discuss
    FidoGazette articles or anything to do with
    FidoGazette. TheFidoGazette is published
    by Sean Dennis.
    The FidoGazette is currently not being
    published so this is a placeholder.

    MODerator: Sean Dennis, 1:18/200

    VOLume: 5/month [not verified]

    ORIGIN: 1:18/200

    RESTrictions: /REAL

    DISTribution: FIDO

    GATEway: NO

    From: Sean Dennis, 1:18/200

    Updated on: 2024/04/05 and valid till 2025/02/28

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