• Action on Expiry of an echo

    From Vincent Coen@2:25/0 to All on Fri Feb 2 15:02:21 2024
    Hello All!

    Messages reporting that an echo HAS expired is is due to be deleted is not actually correct in that the echo is transferred over to BACKBONE from ELIST and that the moderator on record will change to elistmaint.

    elistmaint does NOT actually do any moderating but is assigned as that is the way the Elist software works in order not to lose the echo.

    This may mean that some echos's that are now dead of traffic should be Deleted - at least of effective (meaning no user postings but could be postings of rules or an 'Anyone here' message) traffic. These type of postings should be ignored in working out if the echo is dead as such clearly do not signify that it is active.

    If an echo is in fact dead of traffic and has been for some time such as 12 months etc, then a ELIST reader can report this fact here so if no one says otherwise (traffic wise) then the echo can be deleted by the Elist maintainer
    - currently myself.

    This helps to keep the BACKBONE list as up to date as possible with minimum effort while also helping to double check if an echo is dead as there can always be a break in connectivity for some BBS systems.

    So Posting a request HERE, will allow others to verify that their system is also showing a dead echo. Clearly any one who actually has read traffic can :

    1. Examine Echo in question to verify this, excluding postings of Rules or anyone here etc as they do NOT count as real traffic.

    2. Report an echo that does have traffic where we can request their uplink details and the path information to see what they have a disconnect for that echo.

    It all helps in trying to maintain successful Echo systems.

    While this is really geared for Fidonet it can be used for any other network using this facility such as FSXNET etc. We all lead some times busy lives and do not always keep up to date with echo traffic so this function will help us all.

    .. and yes I know I have repeated some elements of the explanation but that is to help insure that one one misses it :)


    --- Mageia Linux v8 X64/Mbse v1.0.8.4/GoldED+/LNX 1.1.5-b20180707
    * Origin: The Elist Maintainer (2:25/0)