• NESYSOP Expiration WARNing #1

    From Vincent Coen@2:250/1 to Andrew Leary on Thu Feb 1 23:30:01 2024
    To: Andrew Leary, 1:320/219
    CC: sysop@outpostbbs.net

    WARNing 1 of 1: This Echo is expiring, please Update.

    TAGname: NESYSOP Group: FIDO

    TITLe: New England SysOps

    Language: ENGLISH

    FidoNet Region 16 SysOps Echo

    RULEs: {Verified}

    Rules Content:
    Conference rules for the NESYSOP echo: rev. 2020-03-23
    Posting Frequency: 1st of the month.

    Please take a minute to read these rules.


    1. Do not be easily annoyed.

    Count to "ten" or use netmail instead.

    2. Do not be excessively annoying.

    This often means the use of netmail also. These are some items
    which are considered as being "annoying":

    Use of profanity
    Quoting someone elses profanity
    Non-compliance with general echo policies:

    - Do NOT use handles or Aliases.
    - No "high-end" characters in echomail. This includes ANSI color
    - No "Test" messages in international areas.
    - No BBS ads.
    - ** Absolutely No Posting of "flame" or derogatory messages. Keep
    these to NetMail or one of the "other nets", they WILL NOT be
    tolerated in this Echo!

    3. Keep to the topic of the conference

    This should be extremely easy, as NESYSOP allows virtually any topic
    of interest to the SysOps of Region 16. The moderator, alone, reserves
    the right to decide, which topics are appropriate or not.

    4. Permit the Moderator to moderate

    Though I appreciate your concern and willingness to assist, please
    leave the "moderating" to the moderator. I have my own "unique"
    way of dealing with things and they aren't always noticable, but
    they are being done.

    Andrew Leary, 1:320/219, ajleary19@gmail.com
    NESYSOP Conference Moderator

    MODerator: Andrew Leary, 1:320/219
    Email: ajleary19@gmail.com

    RESTrictions: /REAL /SYS Region 16 Only

    DISTribution: Region 16

    GATEway: None

    From: Andrew Leary, 1:320/219
    Email: ajleary19@gmail.com

    Updated on: 2023/03/02 and valid till 2024/01/31


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