• Expiring Echo process

    From Vincent Coen@2:25/0 to All on Thu Jan 4 15:59:59 2024
    Hello All!

    A reminder that all echo's that expire are automatically moved over to the Backbone file as taken over by elistmaint as moderator and this is because that
    is the only way the Elist software can work. This process occurs between TWO and THREE months after the first message advising of expiry which is 10 months after last update (which is always extended to the last day of the month), i.e., 1 month for the first warning, one for warning of deletion followed by the final warning of actual, hence the reasoning of 13 months in all from the last echo update being submitted.

    The extra time allows for people being on holiday or working away for up to 13 weeks.

    Clearly it is wise to have this Echo on your read list with your message reader
    of choice.

    In fact elistmaint is NOT a moderator in any way other than looking after the listing of the specific echo.

    Clearly if a moderator wishes to delete an echo, usually due to to no traffic, they can do so in the normal way by submitting a file with MOD-DEL in place of MOD-UPD and that will actually delete the echo from the system.

    Next is regarding Echo's that are only on BACKBONE.RPT / .NA lists and here they stay unless traffic is zero (excluding rule or 'Anyone here' type posts.

    For these, I have been a bit lax and will have to look through them and compare
    traffic at 2:250/1 which does get the lot but I did a clean up early last year removing dead wood (zero traffic for 12 months or more) but may be time for another cycle.

    Any ELIST reader can advise that this is the case for any echo's they have noticed in their system having checked with uplinks that there is a connection from them to uplink and uplink from where ever they are connected to. These requests should be posted here so every one can see then and check with their own system to confirm traffic volume.

    At which point they will get deleted.

    Note that Elist software creates and updates files BACKBONE.NA and BACKBONE.RPT
    where the former can act as the master list of echos for you mail tossing program that can then auto add them in to your system without any manual involvement. Well that is the way it works here using mbse as the mailer, file, echo & mail tossing software.

    As you may well be aware that there is a lot of echos's listed in BACKBONE.RPT with many having NO Description and this is because they were brought over from
    the last one produced by Ben's system in 2019 or where about.

    Again if an echo is active with no description and possibly no title and you know it please provide then to myself so I can update the system.


    --- Mageia Linux v8 X64/Mbse v1.0.8.4/GoldED+/LNX 1.1.5-b20180707
    * Origin: The Elist Maintainer (2:25/0)