• CHAT Expiration WARNing #1

    From Vincent Coen@2:250/1 to August Abolins on Mon Jan 1 23:30:01 2024
    To: August Abolins, 2:221/1.58

    WARNing 1 of 1: This Echo is expiring, please Update.

    TAGname: CHAT Group: FIDO

    TITLe: A general chat/discussion group.

    Language: ENGLISH

    This is a place to at least start to discuss anything across a wide
    variety of topics; however, if another echo exists on a specific
    topic the idea is to move the discussion to the other echo
    especially if the topic sought would be best served by the
    resources or userbase in the other echo.
    This echo is also available for your smartphone/tablet with Telegram.
    Simply go to https://t.me/joinchat/Suaubh6lB15XdkGt
    OR.. Send the command %HELP to @Fido2telebot in Telegram.
    Existing members on Telegram can add new members.
    Please SIGN with your real name if requested.

    RULEs: Be Civil.

    Rules Content:

    MODerator: August Abolins, 2:221/1.58

    RESTrictions: /REAL

    DISTribution: Worldwide + Telegram

    From: August Abolins, 2:221/1.58

    Updated on: 2023/01/29 and valid till 2023/11/30


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