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    TAGname: PKEY_DROP Group: FIDO

    TITLe: Public-Key Distribution Echo

    Language: ENGLISH

    Companion conference to PUBLIC_KEYS Echo for the specific
    purpose of entering and gathering public-keys in one place
    within the FidoNet Echo structure. General message traffic
    is not permitted. It is for entering public-keys only.
    PKEY_DROP is Moderated by Mark Lewis at 1:3634/12. [KeyID
    0xB60C20C5]. The messages entered into the Echo are the sole
    responsibility of the person entering the messages. When in
    doubt about public-keys, contact the poster directly via
    Netmail. The Echo is open to anyone with an interest in
    public-key compilation. The Echo Guidelines are contained
    in PKDROP.RUL and has been EListed since 11/92.

    MODerator: mark lewis, 1:3634/12

    VOLume: 5/month [not verified]

    ORIGIN: 1:3634/12

    RESTrictions: NONE

    DISTribution: All Fidonet distribution paths


    From: Waldo's Majik Fingers, 1:3634/12

    Updated on: 2023/12/03 and valid till 2024/10/31

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