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    TAGname: HOTDOGED Group: FIDO

    TITLe: Int'l HOTDOGED Feed Provider/Client Echo

    Features: FTN point system (suitable for Fidonet). NNTP-client.
    Multiple codepage support. Different sorting and threading
    algorithms. Support for netmail. Fullscreen mode. Navigation
    with volume buttons between articles. Scheduling synchronization.
    New messages notification. Themes support. All features of
    HotDoged may be discussed, eg: NNTP/Binkd client, editor
    interface layout.

    MODerator: mark lewis, 1:3634/12

    VOLume: 50/month [not verified]

    ORIGIN: 1:3634/12

    RESTrictions: /REAL

    DISTribution: All Fidonet distribution paths


    From: Waldo's Majik Fingers, 1:3634/12

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