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    TITLe: Games/Gaming

    Language: ENGLISH

    Anything gaming related is on-topic here. From electronic to
    board games, action, adventure and role-playing, to simulations,
    strategy, sports and puzzles. This forum covers everything gaming
    related including MUDs, first-person shooters, real-time strategy,
    massively multiplayer online games, console wars, hints, tips and
    tricks and more.

    MODerator: Paul Hayton, 21:1/101
    Email: avon@fsxnet.nz

    VOLume: 50/month [not verified]

    ORIGIN: 21:1/100

    DISTribution: Zone 21 | Est. 2015 | fsxnet.nz

    GATEway: Moderator approval required

    From: Paul Hayton, 21:1/101
    Email: avon@fsxnet.nz

    Updated on: 2023/12/02 and valid till 2024/10/31

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