• FSX_DAT Echolist Update

    From Vincent Coen@2:250/1 to Paul Hayton on Sat Dec 2 22:30:01 2023

    Echo Successfully Updated.

    TAGname: FSX_DAT Group: FSXNET

    TITLe: InterBBS Data

    Language: ENCRYPTED

    InterBBS Data. An echomail area used by software such as InterBBS
    Oneliners, Last Caller Mods etc to send inter-BBS data between nodes
    in fsxNet. In most cases the data is not readable or of interest to
    human eyes. Sysops may wish to hide this echo from BBS users.

    MODerator: Paul Hayton, 21:1/101
    Email: avon@fsxnet.nz

    VOLume: 1,300/month [not verified]

    ORIGIN: 21:1/100

    DISTribution: Zone 21 | Est. 2015 | fsxnet.nz

    GATEway: Moderator approval required

    From: Paul Hayton, 21:1/101
    Email: avon@fsxnet.nz

    Updated on: 2023/12/02 and valid till 2024/10/31

    Produced by Elist v5.4.029

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    * Origin: The Elist Maintainer (2:250/1)