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    From Vincent Coen@2:250/1 to Waldo's Majik Fingers on Fri Dec 1 23:30:01 2023
    To: mark lewis, 1:3634/12

    WARNing 1 of 1: This Echo is expiring, please Update.

    TAGname: PUBLIC_KEYS Group: FIDO

    TITLe: Public-Key Discussion Echo

    Language: ENGLISH

    Provides a technical forum for discussion of public-key
    privacy techniques and programs and for the distribution
    of public-keys in FidoNet and other BBS and e-mail networks.
    Privacy issues related to encryption are also germane.
    PUBLIC_KEYS is Moderated by Mark Lewis at 1:3634/12. [Key ID:
    0xB60C20C5]. The messages entered into the Echo are the sole
    responsibility of the person entering the messages. When in
    doubt about public-keys, contact the poster directly via
    Netmail. The Echo is open to anyone with an interest in
    public-key encryption issues and methods. The Echo Guidelines
    are contained in PUBKEYS.RUL have been in ELRULnnn.ZIP as of

    MODerator: mark lewis, 1:3634/12

    VOLume: 5/month [not verified]

    ORIGIN: 1:3634/12

    RESTrictions: NONE

    DISTribution: All Fidonet distribution paths


    From: Waldo's Majik Fingers, 1:3634/12

    Updated on: 2023/01/10 and valid till 2023/11/30


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