• Rules posting etc for a echo !

    From Vincent Coen@2:250/1 to All on Fri Dec 1 16:55:11 2023
    Hello All!

    I have had a look at my BBS user history over the last year or few to see what users have selected from the various memus and noticed that few looked at a echo rules and No one looked beyond the first screen before quitting rule view function.

    So your usage of long winded rules fails on dead ears for almost all users (99%) and the 1% who looks then quits looking after reading up to first 10 lines.

    You should reconsider your usage of these rules let along any thing longer than
    10 lines of text !

    I must admit I stop looking well below 10 assuming I bother looking at all :)

    Descriptions, may be 5 lines unless there is a real need.


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