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    From Earl Croasmun@1:261/38 to Bob Klahn on Sat Jan 12 15:25:58 2030
    You posted it in the Debate echo. I returned it here.
    Debate Echo msg 1620 on Docsplace, Sept 3, 2013.

    You are talking about a post that appeared in your echo on
    9/3/2013, at 11:24 AM. I posted it in THIS echo on
    9/2/2013, at 7:23 PM (#4997).

    Which leads to a somewhat obvious question: how dumb ARE

    How did it wind up in the Debate echo?

    YOUR explanation seems to be that I posted the message in my echo via the Prism BBS at 11:24 AM on September 3, 2013. And then I patiently waited until Jan. 1, 2098, at exactly zero o'clock, to repost the same thing in your echo via the Prism BBS. If that is true, you aren't going to READ IT for another 85 years! And yet you seem certain that you will still be the moderator of that echo in the year 2098!

    Indirectly, you are answering my question. You aren't coming right out and SAYING how dumb you are, but you are demonstrating it.

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  • From BOB KLAHN@1:123/140 to EARL CROASMUN on Mon Apr 26 15:26:28 2032
    That was not a ruling. That was advice to Richardson.

    It was your official interpretation of the rule, and it
    makes the rule moot.

    No, it was not. There is no rule against anyone reading the
    echo, that was advice to stop doing so.

    As usual, you pretend to miss the point. You ruled that if

    As usual, you make something up to pretend that you have an
    actual point.

    anyone feels they are being provoked in your echo they
    should react by not reading the provocation. That makes

    Now you falsify the actual statement. There was no such
    *RULING*, it was a *SUGGESTION*. Your spin is false.

    Peter's provocation rule moot, just as it makes the rule

    Believe it or not, you can ignore any echo you want and it has
    no effect on any echo rule. Peter's rule did not require anyone
    to read the echo.

    about personal attacks moot. This was already explained
    more thoroughly. You just ignored it. Nothing new.

    You made false claims and then pretend I ignored something that
    never happened. Nothing new.

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