• Ed Snowden's email provid

    From BOB KLAHN@1:123/140 to EARL CROASMUN on Fri Mar 24 15:26:28 2034

    You say you don't want me in your echo, and I have stayed
    out. But you repeatedly post to me IN that echo, in direct

    Your messages showed up in the Debate echo. That is when I post
    to you there. Check with your fido provider.

    happening in echoes where you are banned. Everyone who
    knows you knows that you are a hypocrite, but you could at
    least try to be subtle about it.

    You are so stupid you launch personal attacks without first
    verifying that your messages showed up in the debate echo. That
    is why Lee responded to you in the debate echo.

    One recent example was via Doc's:

    From: BOB KLAHN
    Date: 2013-09-28 01:13:28
    Subject: Ed Snowden's email provid
    From: BOB KLAHN
    Date: 1985-07-12 15:25:56
    Subject: Stay home!


    But in 1985 I was not banned from the echo.

    When you took your DeLorean back to 1985, did you place any
    bets on the '85 World Series?

    When you took your brain to the laundramat did you forget it's
    dry clean only?

    You have posted msgs with dates of 2098 and 1985, yet when I
    search the re-downloaded packet from Docsplace the only msgs I
    see those dates are messages from you.

    Grow a fucking brain, and try to find where your messages are
    getting screwed up. I do not see that at Docsplace. Stop blaming
    others for things you don't find on other systems.

    BOB KLAHN bob.klahn@sev.org http://home.toltbbs.com/bobklahn

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  • From BOB KLAHN@1:123/140 to TIM RICHARDSON on Thu Nov 9 15:26:28 2034

    He tried to represent that echo as `his' to a friend of
    mine and told him in what tone he could post in there. I
    set the guy straight on that.

    Richardson lies.

    Klahn lies.

    Since I never tried to represent the echo as anything other than
    Ed Koon's, which Tom well knew, Richardson lies.

    You're the type of son-of-a-bitch who, by the way you speak

    You're the type of son-of-a-bitch who takes anything he can
    find, out of context, and twists it into an excuse to lie about
    someone else.

    to someone, slyly gives an impression that you are `in
    charge'. Thats what you did.

    Oh damn! I was so sly even I didn't know I was doing it.

    And you're also the type of son-of-a-bitch who plays on
    that impression for all its worth. Thats what you did. You

    And you're also the type of son-of-a-bitch who pretends his
    take on something is so much the word of God you get to smear
    anyone you don't like over anything just because *YOU* chose to
    interpret something how it suits you.

    did it with Earl's echo and got away with it for some time,
    until you tried to list the echo in your name. Then you got

    Now your lies are so absurd as to be insane. I revived a dead
    echo that had been unlisted for years. That anyone who wants to
    can verify.

    All you have is personal attacks. I am convinced you are
    suffering dementia. You really should not be driving anything
    at all.

    insult you. You're no doubt as big a piece of shit to those
    who have to put up with you in your everyday life, as you

    You are so disgustingly demented you pretend your attacks must
    be true in real life.

    are in this media. I imagine you have few friends. You
    certainly have none in Fido.

    I just realized, I do have family and friends who do share my
    life. You don't, do you? You are a lonely man with few if any
    friends, and no family willing to tolerate you. So you attack
    anyone who has what you lack in life.

    Remember, the common factor in all those who won't be your
    friends, and family who don't want to associate with you, is

    BOB KLAHN bob.klahn@sev.org http://home.toltbbs.com/bobklahn

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  • From Earl Croasmun@1:261/38 to Bob Klahn on Sun May 18 15:27:40 2036
    I said Doc's is working fine. You respond by telling me to
    COMPLAIN to him.

    I said complain to Ed so he can tell you where to shove it.

    Which, as I already explained, was a really stupid thing
    for you to say. When I repeatedly explain to you that
    Doc's is working fine, what would I complain to him ABOUT?


    Yes, I told you that several times now. And yet you want to goad me into complaining to Ed, which was awfully childish and transparent of you.

    The only basis I might have is to complain that he has one
    user who is a klawn and who is trying to instigate an
    argument between a moderator and a sysop where there is no

    I told you to check with *YOUR* sysop, and you tried to claim it
    is coming from this end. Now check with your sysop cause you
    claimed docsplace as the origin of the problem.

    That is an outright lie. I told you my provider is working fine, and I told you that your provider is working fine. Do you see where your reputation for dishonesty comes from?

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