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    Notice that Richardson is inherently incapable of posting
    without putting something about me in a post that doesn't
    involve me at all.

    That is overt baiting, which I have refused to bite on.
    Richardson, OTOH, is so exceedingly paranoid he sees posts that
    have nothing to do with him, on a subject that has been under
    discussion for decades, as a deliberate provocation against him.

    Further, he doesn't even know the correct word in front of
    "historically" is "a". Unless you are British and pronounce it

    Oh, and Oprah did not make a false accusation, but told the
    truth. Further, there was a great outcry in Switzerland in
    support of Oprah.

    Oprah responded by apologizing to the nation of Switzerland for
    the embarrassment the nation suffered, saying she never intended
    for the country to be held responsible for what one person did.

    Leave this in the echos you are allowed to post in. You have no BK>>business po


    Not only is the new movie `The Butler' an historically
    inaccurate, self serving piece of celluloid bullshit...but
    if you take a look at the `stars' of lowly shop girl in
    Switzerland in order to promote her movie, by manufacturing
    a false accusation that the shop girl treated her (Winfrey)
    in a `racist' manner by refusing to show her an expensive

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