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    From Dave Drum@1:18/200 to Kurt Weiske on Mon Aug 14 04:56:04 2023
    Kurt Weiske wrote to Mike Powell <=-

    What are you calling a "fart pipe"? I'm not familiar with that usage.

    Tailpipes that restrict the flow of exhaust (opposite of a glass pack)
    and cause the car to sound like a motorcycle with a very shrill exhaust note.

    A couple of years ago in West Oakland, CA, people were making "whistle
    tips", exactly what you'd expect. Make your car exhaust into a shrill,
    our of tune, shrill whistle to annoy your neighbors.

    Rgose have been around since the 1950s, Kurt. There was even one called
    the "Wolf Whistle" that had a changeable pitch to sound, controllable
    from the passenger compartment.

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