• Connected via Performa 62

    From chris kelley@1:105/420 to Daniel Path on Tue Aug 8 21:14:07 2023
    Hey all,

    I am connected to the diamond mine BBS using a Macintosh Performa
    6214CD connected at 14.4kbaud, and it is pretty fast of a connection.
    Your howling friend in retro,

    It's even faster if your phone service is NOT a VOIP service, but a POTS service. Less data retransmissions on POTS :)

    I'm comming to you via my NT4 server.
    ... MultiMail, the new multi-platform, multi-format offline reader!
    ___ MultiMail/Win v0.52

    --- Mystic BBS/QWK v1.12 A48 (Linux/64)
    * Origin: 2o fOr beeRS bbS>>20ForBeers.com:1337 (1:105/420)