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    From Sean Dennis@1:18/200 to All on Thu Jun 1 12:26:04 2023
    Hi everyone,

    I've abandoned the cross-platform porting of my doors. Issues with getting help with compiling for different platforms and other issues have made me decide to stop that but I am still planning on releasing the code to my
    doors. It's been slow-going since health issues have made typing very difficult for me but I am working on improving my situation.

    I have been working on the doors. A few things I've done:

    - added the ability for the door to automatically run in local mode on a
    BBS if it sees that the baud rate and port number are both set to zero;

    - fixed a longstanding issue with file sharing when running multinode;

    - cleaned up the code in general to try to make it more efficient;

    - changed the documentation from a single monolithic document to four
    smaller documents (this makes it much easier for me to modify a single
    document instead of six huge documents);

    - updated the documents with my current contact and support information.

    I am hoping to issue new releases of all of my doors within the next few

    I apologize for being so slow with updates but life takes me on new
    adventures whether I want to or not. <G>

    -- Sean

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  • From Sean Dennis@1:18/200 to All on Thu Oct 26 21:19:38 2023
    Hi everyone,

    With my BBS software change to ProBoard, I've had a renewed interest in Cheepware. My doors now have "auto-local" capability. This means if you
    type its name in a command shell, the door will start in local mode. If
    you are logged in locally to your BBS and run the door, the door will
    start in local mode.

    This was an "accidental feature" as I was doing some code optimization
    and the idea came to me to do this. <G>

    This works by checking if there is a carrier fron the FOSSIL driver and
    whether or not there are parameters specified on the calling command
    line. If there is carrier, the door will jump down to looking for a
    dropfile and running normally. If there are unknown parameters, it will display its command line help.

    The "/L" parameter is still supported if you wish to use it.

    You can use "/?" ot "/H" for command line help. You can also use "/" or
    "-" to signify a command line parameter.

    I am also working on putting in error logging into my doors, mainly for FOSSIL/door initialization errors from FKFOSSIL (the door kit I use) and
    for other possible errors. Since I am sticking to DOS-only for now, I'm writing a more powerful error handler. This is not only to help the
    sysop but to help me debug issues sysops might have.

    I'm still planning on making my doors open source but I'm waiting until
    I finish this code update.

    So Cheepware is still alive.

    -- Sean

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