• fidoip 2.0.1

    From Maxim Sokolsky@2:5020/828.777 to All on Wed Apr 3 23:33:06 2024
    Hi, All!

    Uploaded fresh version of fidoip 2.0.1:


    which included scripts for automatic node and point configurations and Golded+ editor, Husky HPT tosser and Binkd mailer.

    All of them automatically fetched from git repositories, builded and saved as packages.

    In *NiX version of fidoip added installation for Android OS. Now you could setup node on your old phone with Android - easily. See ENGLISH-README.txt for details.

    --- -Уютно у вас, а только странно. И солнца мало.
    * Origin: А мы народ трудящийся (2:5020/828.777)