• Stickman Door

    From Glenn Rossi@1:275/301 to Fidonet.BBS_CARNIVAL on Sat Dec 9 11:31:53 2023
    Back in the early 90s, my buddy Bill Reamy wrote his first and only door
    for my BBS. Like most of the code Bill ever wrote, it was awesome and different.

    Here was a platform shooter that used nothing but ANSI and stick
    figures. It didn't take the world by storm, but I and many others
    thought it was very cool.

    Sadly, Bill has recently passed away.

    For anyone interested, I've put up a webpage for Stickman as a memorial
    to my friend:


    Included are some screens as well as instructions for installing under Synchronet and 64-bit Windows using Dosbox-X.

    There's also info for those wishing to request a branded registered
    --- SBBSecho 3.10-Win32
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