• Re: WANTED: Shareware CDs

    From Philip Brown@1:227/300 to Sean Dennis on Sun Mar 22 12:06:00 2037
    Sean Dennis wrote to T.J. Mcmillen <=-

    Hello, T.J..

    Wednesday March 11 2009 at 18:50, you wrote to me:

    Well, I've decided to just shove in this 160GB hard drive and put all
    of the CDs directly onto it. DreamROM kept crapping out (don't know
    why exactly) and quite frankly, it'd be faster for me to just put that
    all on a drive for speed.

    That's how I did it, but was only 6 or 7GB, 160GB HD, I bet you'll fill that up. (smile).

    Have you downloaded any ISO's yet? Just checking, if they downloaded ok.


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