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    Yes, many of them have ads; what I was saying was that Hulu has the ad volume louder than the content you're watching. Other streaming services don't do that.

    Didn't realize others didn't do that. Since regular TV did it, just assumed it was the ad content itself. All the better to catch my own TV whales...

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    Good Day!

    I work for a cable operator in a video deparment similar to Comcast, I work for Charter Communications. The reality is that live TV Fees from providers are fully getting out of hand. As an exaple, ABC, who the owner is Disney, as a channel normally asks about 6 dollars per subscriber. Disney also forces that most packages that include ESPN must also include Disney channel which increases costs to customers. My suggestion is either go full streaming services or maybe consider options like Youtube TV or Fubo, but tbqh, pricing sometimes can be similar.

    One suggestion is to start looking into the FAST offerings from options like Tubi and Pluto as a Psuedo cable service
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