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    From JIMMY ANDERSON@VERT/OTHETA to MOONDOG on Mon Jul 17 22:41:00 2023
    MOONDOG wrote to ALL <=-

    Spring time is here, and I wanted to buy another hand gun, but didn't
    want to spend a bundle. I stopped by the local shop, and undere the
    glass in the used area was a Springfiueld XD Tactical in .40 cal. Most people prefer 9mm or .45, but I got into .40 cal because a friend gave
    me all his brass he was saving. He used to frequent a park that had a pistol range, and the rangers would sweepe up the brass and sort it
    while on fire watch. He gave me close t o 2000 spent .40 cases. I reload, so it's natural to use the free brass .

    I don't reload (yet - maybe some day) but I like .40 as well. My EDC
    is a Shield .40 first gen.

    The pistol was barely used, showed little to no wear marks, and had aftermarket tritium night sights. Not usre how old it is, or how much
    the life is on the tritium paint. Anyways, the sights are good in the daylight. The gun was priced for $299, which was hard to turn down. It came with a nice case with a cleaning kit and two mags.

    WOW! Yeah, that would be hard to turn down!

    I stopped by the shop yesterday, and now there's a used full sized M&P
    2.0 in .40 in the case. I have a pre-2.0 but like the enhancements
    they made. There's also an S&W SD 40 VE that looks lightly used, but maybe I'll wait before going on a spending spree.

    Wife as an SD40VE as well - that was actually the first .40 I shot YEARS

    I REALLY really like the feel of the full size M&P... Again, I carry a
    Shield, but would love to have a full size with the flat trigger, etc.

    I actually pulled out a Beretta 92FS today to try and thought about getting
    a holster for it to carry, but not sure about the size compared to the Shield... Wondering how it's going to 'poke.'

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    this thing had it. And for some stupid reason, wife had to have a .380 Derringer that she spotted.

    I've never owned a Derringer, but have thought about it before...

    I have also been intrigued by the Taurus .380 revolver. :-)

    high. I actually picked up all of the above for a FAIR price -
    especially considering one should not expect bargains at a gun show. Suffice it to say I paid well below MSRP. Of course the dealer we purchased from is one we've bought from before so they were more
    willing to cut us a deal.

    Always a bonus. :-)

    Don't doe as much shooting as we used to do, I guess we're mainly just building the collection. Will be something of an inheritance....

    We don't shoot as much as we used to either... We live in the country
    and have all the space we need to shoot, but it has been HOT - LOL.

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